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1St Half Of Through The Hooded Bridge



Here's some Author's Thoughts just a movie director's/actor's commentary on my newest story: Through the Hooded Bridge


Part I: Rites of the Fall


I think some people remember wild times, if they went to college. Parties, alcohol, drugs, sex, and just the freedom of the moment without a care in the world.


In this opening segment, which will tie back to the ending sequences in terms of logical progression, it is like the farewell hurrah for all the promises and joys before you enter a "winter" of despair.


That's a part of growth and aging, not just for kids who know their adulthood is coming, but also for the whole of humanity as we progress towards our own seasons of development. This is as much a reflection of Modern Civilization as it a character story.


Also, my choice in the use of Last Rites was not taken out of context, it is a foreshadowing and a forewarning.


Part II: Old Memories in a New World


The main character Adam is a modern mainstream gay man trying to adjust to an ideal world for LGBT people. He is suspicious and he is full questions of what has lingered within human beings in recent times, just as Dickens would claim Want and ignorance were the sins of the 19th Century, I would claim doubt and uncertainty are the sins of the 21st Century. You will see Adam try to find issues, fear the worst outcomes, and basically offer some understandably bias beliefs based on modern social norms.


In this chapter, we explore one version of an ideal LGBT New World, based around 1970's LGBT Liberation philosophy rather than 1980-90's LGBT normalization philosophy. You can see the difference of what Adam is trying to understand and what these people are living with.


I also have a strong subplot of Adam as a gay character trying to reconcile sexual desire with social norms from our world, while adjusting to a world that through our norms out the window. Adam's guilt is not due to his cheating being caught, it is a sincere guilt that he may lose someone he loves.


I came up with the concept by a fluke of chance as my original idea was just to put Adam in a Twilight zone world, but it occurred to me to look backwards and see how the pre-AIDS/HIV generation of LGBT thinkers were thinking of their future world. It's a more communal philosophy, less inhibition for sexuality, and an open setting of relationships.You will see aspects of the earlier LGBT philosophy among our older writers more, who had been influence by this concept.


Part 2 introduces my first ever gay trans-male character and an open discussion about the realities of trans gay males, who face many challenges in their relationships and deep divides. To be gay is to love people of the same gender identity, does it matter if they were born with a dick or if they grew it later in life with the help of science? Or, ou can reverse that and ask is a trans female without male organs in a relationship with a biological female any different than two biological females in a relationship?


The answer is no in my view, but it may be different for most of you.


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