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My Vote Of Conscience As A Honest American Citizen



Well before I return to the Pit tomorrow, I should tell you my vote:


So, here's it is, I voted for ...Gary Johnson. I can't vote for Clinton and I cannot support Donald Trump even in spirit.


Why did I not choose either candidate and instead chose a guy who has been ridiculed for his lack of foreign policy experience?


Reality is, I believe in something beyond just candidates and the current election. Despite all his flaws, Gary Johnson is one thing that neither Clinton or Trump is: He is genuine fool and freely admits his lack of knowledge. A humble leader who admits his flaws is better than a corrupt leader or an self-centered leader who blame the other side for their faults.


We as a country and as society have stopped believing in the American Dream, stop believing that we can do better, and stop believing in the hopes and dreams that we consider our values and principles.


I have been asked by friends and colleagues over and over the last few months, "If you don't vote Trump, you are letting Liberals take the Supreme Court?", or "if you don't vote Clinton, you are letting him deport 11 million people", "Voting Clinton means you must want babies to die", and "voting Trump means you must want white supremacy to rise as an institution again in America".


My answer to all of them, including GA members here on this board and my readers, ENOUGH


Who among you believe Donald Trump is going to honestly choose a Supreme Court Justice from his "supposed" list, when he even ignores his VP pick Mike Pence on policy? The man has no real "value" set aligned with him, he was Pro-Choice, then turned Pro-Life for this election, Pro-Planned Parenthood, and then anti-planned parenthood when he needs to cater to Conservative voters. Same goes with his stance on guns. The only truth about him, he values loyaly, so whoever he "dos" choose as Supreme Court justice must be loyal to him, not principles and not values.


Who among you believe Hilary Clinton will rein in the Wall Street Banks, when she is getting millions in outside money from them? The millions of dollars in her coffers right now from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and other wall street bankers are clear reasons why it can't happen.


Oh and the Gun Rights issue, Donald Trump got a supporter who yelled "gun" in Reno, Nevada event after a Democrat protester tried to wave an anti-Trump poster, then he hid behind a bunch of Secret Service agents "with a lot of guns protecting him" just like he used his bravado to chide against Hilary, remember "I wish she would just get rid of all those guys around her with guns and see how tough she really is".


However, what is most damning about this incident, Nevada is a Pro-2nd Amendment state, so yes people can freely conceal carry with a permit. I am Pro-2nd Amendment like many other Conservatives and Libertarians, but Donald Trump who espoused colorful rhetoric on the trail about "if everyone had a gun, I'd feel completely comfortable", just walked back on it. It's freaking Nevada, people have guns there, they have lots of guns there, and Trump events have guns, so if a Democratic protester is scary with a gun, why are the other thousand people in the same venue any different?


The Secret Service has not indicated any guns were found on the Democratic Protester, too, so this was all a stunt.


Reality check, Donald Trump was an ex-Democrat and once was Hilary Clinton's friend, he doesn't honestly believe in the rhetoric of "mutual" defense in gun ownership or gun safety by American people. After the event, his spin doctors called it an assassination attempt, when no gun was found on the Democratic protester.


As for my more religious friends, I argue this point with them, you are damning yourselves to a poor decision based on realism rather than faith and honest values. During the Early Christian era, Jesus' followers could have easily gone and sided with the Republican Roman Senate faction or Caesar's factions in a bid to gain political and social authority. However, if they had done that, if Jesus Christ was just a politician, Christianity would have been a footnote like both factions in the Roman Civil War, which has long been forgotten now.


When they talk to me about Faith and values, I don't see these guys truly believing in faith or values. True values are eternal, true faith is eternal. What is right is eternally right, because wihout those beliefs and principles to live by, you are merely corrupting anything.


If you believe in voting for the lesser of two evils, then you have already lost your principles and have accepted the corruption that permeates society with a choice for either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. You can't blame Republicans or Democrats for destroying America as it is your own fault to make such a determination.


You can't make a deal with the Devil and call foul, when he comes to collect.


I voted for my conscience, I voted for America, the America I want, not the America that others say I must choose.


To sum it all up:


People say, "you must choose the lesser of two evils for what the system and world is right now", I say "Why can't you build a better world by voting today without evil".

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