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  1. *gasps* It was your birthday and I missed it !!!    So sorry, Reader !!


    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to my favorite bookworm :P  :hug: 





    1. Reader1810


      Why thank you my most favourite Hogwartian! 


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! A little bird just told me Sorry I didn’t congratulate you sooner
  3. Love Tolkien and this one is is not so bad either...
  4. Today is also World Down Syndrome Day and we celebrate that by having two different socks on.. "Rock the socks" I am wearing one Slytherin and one Gryffindor sock today And today is also Slytherin Pride Day !
  5. Image result for care bears happy spring

    1. Slytherin


      Thank you Penguin :)

  6. Thank you, Penguin.. LBO have been busy
  7. LBO is green with envy Not really Congrats BOP... Snatch
  8. Sunshine here, darn, I can now see how dirty my windows are Have a great week y'all
  9. Yay, right in time for my birthday We can't have a grumpy Steve at Grumpy LBO's birthday Bring a cup of sugar to my birthday party
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