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    Favorite genres: Fanfiction ! At the moment I only read fanfiction :-)

    I love the Harry Potter books.

    Old buildings, churches and museums.. Shopping !! Geocaching is a new hobby of mine :)

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  1. I hope you’re okay :hug: 

    1. Greg_A


      Hey LBO!

      I'm fine - really.  I just had to take a step back from the extreme amount of bs that goes on at this site.  The rampant favoritism, extreme cliques, the back biting, etc just really got me down and I decided to protect my own peace of mind to pull back and only check in every so often.

      That being said, there are an awful lot of things (mainly people) that I do miss.  People like you, and Daddy to name a few, who always made me smile whenever I'd see a post or an update from.  It's one of the reasons I didn't just make a complete exit all together.

      So, it's really good to hear from you!  I have missed you!

    2. Slytherin


      Sounds like a good plan!
      I have missed you and I’m glad you’re still around :glomp: :)


  2. I’m off to work. Vacation over
  3. I love Pina colada *steals it* Cheers
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