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    Favorite genres: Fanfiction ! At the moment I only read fanfiction :-)

    I love the Harry Potter books.

    Old buildings, churches and museums.. Shopping !! Geocaching is a new hobby of mine :)

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  1. I love eggs.. Cadbury cream eggs preferably Hard to find here on my storm cloud But still
  2. I wish I could but doing a night shift today.. Tuesday night in the ER - yay!! Byeeee
  3. Never bother Myr after closing time, why ? Is he a gremlin?? I hope you have a great time with your friends! Now if you’ll excuse me I spot a stealing opportunity somewhere in the forum.. *runs out*
  4. @wildone There is a roller coastrr in Gothenburg, Sweden called ”Valkyria” a so called ”dive coaster” with a 50 meter drop straight into a hole in the ground but I haven’t ridden that one yet, am I getting too old?? Naaaahh, I’m 43 according to my profile page on GA and have been so for a few years Snatch!! PS: does anyone in the LPW thread want to ride a roller coaster named after Penguin??
  5. 63F90085-4BAF-4FAE-BEF3-9323F2CF82B2.jpeg.45e0a08001c95c2c3fcf3f28f9c8ca02.jpeg

    So me as a kid :funny:

    1. clochette


      I just blame Minion. Or my brother :lol:

  6. Hello Shiny is mine ! Now close this thread anyone in the SMT !!! Hurry up ! No need to think too hard, LBO deserves to be King ! Yes indeed ! Remember this thing, @Zombie ??
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