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    Favorite genres: Fanfiction ! At the moment I only read fanfiction :-)

    I love the Harry Potter books.

    Old buildings, churches and museums.. Shopping !! Geocaching is a new hobby of mine :)

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  1. Went to the mall. They celebrated something and handed out red ballons to children!!! Red ballons everywhere!!!  I’m gonna have nightmares now 🎈 :unsure2: 

    1. Zombie


      you should’ve popped ‘em!  :lol:

      cat lady no GIF by Red & Howling



  2. I posted a Rocky Horror gif but it was not good enough. Was Looking for a better, you Clown face
  3. Frosties.. (but too sweet, prefere the original Corn Flakes ) Eggs, boiled of fried? 🍳 🥚
  4. BROWN Blue rabbits only wears nylons ZWAMP
  5. Dishwasher Fish&chips or bangers & mash
  6. TWINK Two whining iguanas needs ketchup MUSRD
  7. Wait! Does that mean Zombie and I share a Day???
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