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    Favorite genres: Fanfiction ! At the moment I only read fanfiction :-)

    I love the Harry Potter books.

    Old buildings, churches and museums.. Shopping !! Geocaching is a new hobby of mine :)

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  1. The notifications are in green now, not red.. it annoys me Couldn’t you make them in blue??? Snatch!!!
  2. making some more to sell at ”The Little Blue Ones Bakery”
  3. :joe: 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. wildone
    3. Slytherin


      That is terrible :( :,( poor poor bear 

    4. wildone


      i agree, she was misbehaving :( She'll get out soon



      (BTW, when I was a wee little kid, that is how all the bears were kept in zoos. It always made me mad. I remember convincing dad to give some money to a fund to build them a new habitat, since they wouldn't survive in the wild. They know all live in about a 3 acres natural habitat, as in actual rocks, grasses, trees, creek, etc.) 

  4. And now Zombie is teasing Valkyrie
  5. sitting there minding my own business when a green/yellow brute sneaks in and kicks me!!! I know it was you @Zombie Bad Zombie
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