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Bullshit 101 - On The Job 2



As a public service, I am going to show you how to detect bullshit. When you hear these phrases, you know that you are in the presence of major league bullshit.


We offer an upwardly mobile career path with competitive compensation.


Bullshit! You'll get laid off before you can make any real money unless management likes you.


Management will only like you if you are a sociopath on par with a concentration camp guard and would cut your own mother's throat to get ahead.


If they want you, they'll make a decent offer for the position you are actually qualified for.


If they want to jerk you off they'll offer an entry level position for chicken feed and *jerk, jerk, jerk* promise after a short probationary period, you can quickly advance into the position. You will be doing the job without the title or the money. You will never get the title or the money.




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