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Fast then slow

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stephanie l danielson


For those that don't follow me on a regular basis, I have been pushing myself to write despite a badly sprained wrist for the past 3+ weeks. I wear a splint day and night and have to have assistance with the craziest simple things like putting socks on or even picking up anything over 2 lbs.  I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel at 18 yrs old, but a night of overzealous knitting pushed it over the edge, and I'm still paying for it.  

That said, I was able to finish a story in two months time :)  Now to edit. :(

That's the fast.

The slow part is the painful, horrible process of trying to find work. I live in a medium town, but not many opportunities over minimum wage.  I have two college degrees and loads of experience, but no one is willing to pay a decent salary. Or become a nurse. NO thank you. I get enough abuse as it is.  So, my only option is to cross the river...which means a 45-60 minute commute at least, daily. Not fun...but it's my only doable option until I either become the next JK Rowling....or start a side business.

So...my life is slow at home, with my surviving cat (my girl died 6 weeks ago, and I am still coping with her sudden loss)...and husband.  

Slow is not a bad thing, but unemployment will run out soon...so keep me in your prayers that someone will see I have worth again and not too old to work. :)


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