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    Beyond writing, I enjoy gaming, cycling, and figure skating. I love the outdoors, time with my family (esp my Dad) and 'raising' two adorable kitties.

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  1. Sorry I've not been around much. Too much revising, job-hunting, and life happening. Will be posting again soon :)

  2. Heat index of 103. yeah, not going outside again today

  3. Woo! Too hot n humid here. Good time to edit, or draw, or nap :)

    1. Daddydavek


      I just got done with vacuuming the whole house.  For supper I'll wait until almost six and then throw some brats on the grill.  As of 3:00 pm the temp was 93 with a heat index of 95 according to the Weather Channel.  

  4. Hazy n humid here in the Land of Lincoln....last night's storms flickered the power, but all good :)

  5. Happy Memorial Day. Remember and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice

  6. Wishing it would rain just to relieve the heat! But, all is good as I edit away this afternoon

  7. Hi all! The Freighter Pilot was pulled because it was wayyyy too raw to post here (format, not content)...look for it to be added in to The Crush soon!

  8. I need to get out more...not working has isolated me completely. Suggestions that are safe and don't involve $?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. stephanie l danielson

      stephanie l danielson

      The parks around here aren't the safest though, and I live on a highway. :( 

    3. FormerMember4


      Is there a library, or Barnes and Noble, Starbucks to engage with others. Library and bookstore have people with some same interests.

    4. stephanie l danielson

      stephanie l danielson

      Yeah, a couple of libraries, and one B&N. I'll try that.  ty!

  9. Not so bad so far...keeping my fingers crossed that next week will be a win!

  10. A lovely day here in the  "Lincoln...that's what I call Illinois. LOL

  11. @Cia..is there a spot here for Voltron fanfic works? I have a short on AO3, but I wanted to share it here too

    1. Cia


      Just use the "fanfiction" category and not a more specific sub category. 

    2. stephanie l danielson
  12. No storms today, now to seek out a 'day job' and get some time away from the house.

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