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  1. Happy Tuesday!!!

  2. Robert Pattinson could be an interesting choice if they have the right story. The Twilight series wasn't bad because of his acting, it wasn't a great script and I think suffered with bad direction and zero chemistry with his co-star. That being said, I think with the right story, he could be really good at depicting Bruce Wayne in Year Five or so of being Batman. In every movie in my lifetime, we've always gotten an Origin story and even a TV series about the beginning of Batman with Gotham. If they can take a page out of Batman Vs Superman, and put the Origin story in the opening credits or forgo it all together, then we could potentially have a fresh start in the Batman saga. I think by this time, most everyone that will watch this movie knows the origin of Batman. Robert Pattinson will nail Bruce Wayne I think rather easily, where he might have some trouble, is his portrayal of the Batman. Does he have the physicality that is needed to be running around on rooftops kicking bad guys asses in a manner that is believable? I must admit I am not familiar with his resume, nor have I seen all the Twilight movies, but I can see him playing a young Bruce. A Bruce that is unsure of his abilities and maybe a bit sloppy in the action portions which might account for his lack of experience in action roles. Or it could be like Matt Damon in the Borne Series. Matt was amazing as Jason Borne and until those movies, he was not known for his action roles. But what do I know, I thought Ben Affleck was rather good as Batman.
  3. Since I first started writing this Blog Post almost a year ago, I went back and checked the date, I have learned more about your husband and your relationship. I just didn't want to call him out as it wasn't important who said it as much as why it made me start on this journey of changing my perspective. I do wish I made it clearer that BDSM goes across all genders and orientations, but as I was writing this about "gay community" I really didn't think about it. And I agree, and it what I was stating in my peace, find what makes you happy and embrace it. Truer words were never said... One of the things I do like about Gay Authors is the diverse voices that are found here. And much like my own community I've built for myself, its filled with gay, straight, trans, and all other colors of life. I remember growing up in rural Pennsylvania and having to go out in groups for safety as we traversed to the only three gay bars in the area. Many nights we were harassed and more than a few times the night ended in some kind of altercation between drunk rednecks and drunk gay boys. Thank you all for your comments and I hope all of you find your true communities in your own life. J
  4. Before I really get into the reason I started writing down these random letters to form words that structure the following incoherent sentences that you are about to read, I want everyone to understand why I decided to write this in my Blog instead of responding in the forum thread where I first started ruminating on this topic. I am writing it here mainly because I think I’m going to offend a few people that read this and more than likely piss off the rest. A few months ago, I came across a topic in the Lounge that got the wheels in my tiny little brain a whirling. So much did my head spin around and around, that even all this time later, I’m still thinking about the topic. I really don’t remember who started the Topic all those months ago, and it’s really not important as it doesn’t really have anything to do with who started the topic but what path that topic got me traveling on. To the best of my ability, the topic was “Do You Identify as Gay?”. It also included a poll of three choices…I identify as part of the gay community, I identify as someone who has sex with the same gender, I identify as something else (please explain). Or something along those lines anyway. When I first read this topic, the results were as following… 72.41% or twenty-one posters identify as part of the gay community 13.79% or four posters identifying as someone who has sex with the same gender 13.79% or four posters identifying as something else And for full disclosure, I identify as something else. This something else with the tagline, ( please explain), is the reason I am writing this today and the reason I have done more research about this topic in the last few months than I have in the last twenty years. I have never spoken to the person who started the topic, nor am I judging that person or anyone that participated in this particular thread. I believe there is something deeper here in regards to my own journey then the author or other posters intended. And let me preface this by saying, I am not attacking, judging, or refuting anyone that shared their own experiences in this topic. Nor am I discounting their beliefs or personal truths. I am only referencing them as it led me to a better understanding of my own self. Upon first reading this topic, I believe I understand what the motivation the author had when they created the poll and the questions they proposed. And without putting words in anyone’s mouth, I believe the intention was to see how the other members of GA viewed themselves in a larger, cultural way. And on the surface, I think it was a harmless question without malice. The post started off something like, “I’m curious to know how many people on here identify as part of the gay community versus how many just identify as having same sex attractions without feeling a part of the larger, cultural gay community”. I first read this question more of, ‘hey, tell me how you feel about your place or lack thereof in the gay community at large’. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with the question that was put forth. I felt, and still do after all this time; it was more a curiosity to see into the lives of other individuals and to understand how they might see themselves in a grander scheme of life as it pertains to the “gay community”. And after reading all the response, a particular comment stuck out from one user. And again, I might be paraphrasing, but the poster said something like, “I have come back to this post several times because it rather irks me. I am gay. However, I am not a member of gay clubs, sports, or other so-called gay organizations. The feeling I get reading this, is that unless I “join up”, me and the others like me, are really not gay”. This comment intrigued me, so much so that I started doing some research into the poster. And no, I wasn’t stalking that user, but I did find out while I was stalking him that he identifies as a Dom in a BDSM relationship. The user clearly stated that he did not feel part of the gay community because he refused to ‘sign up’. And a few posts later he added, “My lifestyle is even smaller. Mainly found in small clubs, and yes online. But even thought we have BDSM clubs, I am not a member. Though my husband and I live that way. Does that make me less a Dom? No, Not at all”. Please understand that I know absolutely nothing about this user except what I have read in that particular topic and I am not refuting what he feels. I know nothing about BDSM except surface facts nor do I care to learn about this…lifestyle for lack of a better term. I do know that it’s not for me even though I understand that the participants feel a need to experience their life in this way and that there is a strong bond of love and trust in regards to their relationships. I feel everyone is entitled to love however they find it. And this post is not about BDSM but rather about the feeling this poster voiced about community. Webster’s define community as: a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. It goes on with a second definition: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. A few of the synonyms listed: group, body, clique, faction. When the user identified as gay but didn’t really have a connection to what most would call the gay community, preferring to just live their lives as they see fit and damn anyone that doesn’t agree with them. This statement got my little head spinning around. While this is an admirable trait, and one that I wholeheartedly agree with, it made me curious why he didn’t feel a connection to the greater gay community. I don’t know this user and didn’t feel comfortable enough to ask certain questions regarding BDSM and why this user didn’t feel a part of the community, so instead I went online and started doing research about the subject to see if I could get a better understanding of why he might have answered like he did and more importantly, why the question seemed to irritate him. And in my limited research about the subject, I found that most in a BDSM relationship identify first as a Dom or a Sub, then secondly as gay if they mention it at all. My understanding, BDSM is more important to how they live their truth than a label about sexuality. This seemed to be a logical reason why this user didn’t connect with the gay community. And yet it got me thinking why I don’t connect with the gay community though I live in San Francisco, seemingly the Mecca of gaydom for the United States and maybe for the rest of the world. I don’t have a lot of gay friends. And being gay does not now nor has ever really defined who I am as a human being. In my youth, I went to the clubs on the prowl for sex. I used more boys as dumpsters and playthings than ever made any real connections with the shallow people I met in those spaces. But that was a small part of biology, I was horny and wanted to find a release into the next willing receptacle but that wasn’t who I was or what I thought I should be. My community has always been those like minded individuals that share my same love of movies, video games, books, and historical places. At times, other gay people have fit that mold, but often as much, my friends are made up of all races, orientation, and gender. I have found in my travels, the “gay community at large” are shallow, promiscuous, addicts, that are too self absorbed to be good friends much less good human beings. And yes, before you get all angry, there are always exceptions. But go to any club on a Saturday night, and you’ll see rampant alcohol and drug abuse in the gay community, unsafe sex practices, and old men trying desperately to hang on to their youth by any means necessary. And if it seems like I’m judging them, maybe I am. But I don’t want to be associated with those types of humans. And it’s true, go to any straight club and you will see the same exact behavior which I think only proves that I don’t identify with them either. To get back to the user who identifies as BDSM, he would also say, ‘my lifestyle is even smaller’. He’s proud to say that he doesn’t belong to any BDSM clubs. He simply chooses to live out his best life with seemingly little regard for what others might think. This is a behavior I can support. Webster’s define lifestyle as: the way in which a person or group lives. The user is living his best life with someone who loves and respects him and for all purposes; he is living the lifestyle of a gay man. The user also used the phrase, ‘join up’. And this made me think about the grander implications of that statement. I feel that too many of our brothers and sisters are made to feel left out based on some of the marginal stigma surrounding certain lifestyles, especially if it’s on the fringe of the larger gay community. If the user, who identifies as a Dom, cannot feel like he’s a part of the gay community because he refuses to ‘join up’, then what does that say about this gay community? Is it because as humans, we tend to judge those that are different than us? If that’s the case, then we are no better than the homophobe that judges us because they do not understand us? To counter that point, the user that started the post topic and put forth the poll answers to begin with, stated, ‘For example, I personally identify as gay and very much feel a part of the larger gay community. Most of my friends are gay, I go to a mostly-gay gym, I play in a gay sports league, I go to gay bars/clubs/circuit parties, and whenever I travel I make it a point to check out the local gay scene. What I love about being gay in the cultural sense is that no matter where you go, you already have an established tribe/community that you can find support in through shared identity. I've found in my post-college years is that we are a community that tends to protect our own, and we've created our own institutions separate from the straight world to fulfill that purpose. It's ghettoization to an extent, but after living in the stuffy confines of straight life for so long, I've found that this much smaller community offers freedom to a level and in a particular way that people who aren't a part of it will never get to experience’. I think I could argue what the poster was referring to is not so much the ‘gay community’ but more of the gay lifestyle. Or what that perception of that lifestyle is from someone on the outside looking in. I do believe there is a certain perception of what most would call the gay community, and for a good portion of us, we would never identify ourselves in that manner. Urban Dictionary defines gay lifestyle as: a stereotype used by social/political conservatives to describe gay men being promiscuous, drinking, bar hopping, using drugs, cross-dressing, and orgies. Okay, I’ll be honest, the bit about cross-dressing made me laugh so hard I almost choked to death when I read it. But can you honestly say, you have never thought the same exact thing at least privately in your own brain. To most, the gay lifestyle doesn’t describe us much less define us. I have often lamented that who I choose to sleep with is such a small part of what makes me…me…that I rarely talk about it. I don’t go to Pride, I don’t participate in circuit parties, I don’t have orgies, nor do I have random encounters using phone Apps. That is not my lifestyle, nor has it really been. So why am I writing this? It’s not to bash the author of this topic, nor the user that doesn’t identify as a member of the gay community. The reason I wrote this and the reason I have been thinking about this topic for months, is because I was looking at this through the wrong lens. There was a time when gay individuals needed to bond together, first for safety, and then for support from a world that didn’t really accept us. And yes, having that support system truly saved who knows how many lives over the last decades. How many young people who didn’t commit suicide because they found a place that was safe for them to live their truth and find happiness within those communities? How many of the younger generation can go to proms with their same sex partner now all over the country? How many states have legalized same sex marriage? So much has changed for the gay community just in the last ten years that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. And thankfully, it has changed. Yet I truly believe one of the worst things we can do as a community is retreat into our gay clubs, gay bars, gay sports leagues, and leave the rest of the world behind. We didn’t affect change by hiding in the shadows. We changed the country because we got out in the light and demanded that we needed to be treated first as humans, with the same rights as all other humans, then by allowing straight people who didn’t know any better that we have the same goals, values, and desires that all humans possess. Who we sleep with is irrelevant in the grand scheme of life. My community, as defined by Webster, has always been made up of a fellowship of likeminded individuals that share my same attitude, goals, and life values. That is my community, and like most communities across the country, it’s not a gay community, it’s not a straight community, it’s a mix of beautiful humans that all strive to achieve a better life for those they love, and for those as yet unborn. I have seen a lot of ‘gay communities’ that do not share my same values and goals. And I will not be a part of them just because they also happen to sleep with other men. That would be like saying, I will only vote for this particular person because they also have the genetic coding that made their eyes blue like mine. Eye color and genital preference is so far down on my list of priorities in those I choose to surround myself with its practically nonexistent. If you find a gay community that shares your same attitudes, goals, and values, than great, you might have found the ideal life. But don’t get so hung up on only participating in ‘gay communities’ just because there are gay people there. Instead, create your own communities by including all people that share your values, embrace those that can bring something positive in your life and exclude all those, even the gay ones that would drag you down. Gay or straight, all communities are made up of humans first, and most of us are a wonderful, kind, generous, honest, loving, and accepting group that can do extraordinary things when we share a common purpose. I know that my thoughts might not be for everyone who reads them. And that’s okay. We are all on different places in our walk of life. I do know that over the last few months my perception of community changed and I believe I am a better person for it. So I thank whoever started this topic, and those that contributed to the thread as they all helped me come to a better understanding of who I am as a human and where I want to go. J
  5. I have never understood why just because you don't like a "thing", some people feel like they need to voice that opinion, loudly at times. There is an author on this site that is well loved and respected that I think has zero talent. This is the closest I've ever come to mentioning it since 2004 when I first found him on Nifty. It wouldn't serve anyone but my own ego if I were to let my true thoughts on this particular writer get out online. It's so self-serving and egotistical to assume that I'm right and they are wrong. I do know that Stephen King has felt these types of backlash once upon a time when he wanted to write things other than "horror". That is why he published under Richard Bachman (spelling?), no one would accept his other writings. I'm not suggesting you change pen names, but it is a very real reality when an author becomes known as a writer of certain genres and then tries to switch the script so to speak, that readers get put off. As in this case, they found you and liked your feel good story, and now you are writing in a genre they probably never read and they feel betrayed. And if your blog is any indication, they probably feel like they have inside access to you as you are always prompt to respond to anyone commenting on your Blog, which I can only assume you are the same way with story feedback. You should see some of the comments I use to get when I was writing and posting things regularly. And for the same reason I'll never be known as a writer, I only write for myself and the rest of the world could get bent for all I care. Keep your chin up and do what makes sense to you as a creator, those that don't appreciate this story can move out of the way for those that find this genre their cup of tea. If you have talent, people will find you. The loudest critics online are usually miserable people that believe what they think matters, the only thing that truly matters is you.
  6. Sorry Wayne. I wasn’t thinking it in political terms when I wrote it. But it sure reads that way. My bad! I’m with you. I find I enjoy silence more and more the older I get J
  7. I’ve seen the results of what funding the drug addicts mean for San Francisco. There are safe zones for junkies to shoot heroin, and needle exchanges. Crime in San Francisco is on the rise and the word is spreading. Tourism is down, major conventions that were held annually are being cancelled due to the small army of homeless that dwell downtown. Not only are the residents of San Francisco paying for these safe zones, we are losing money because people aren’t coming here for vacation like they once did. Almost every restaurant is down 15 to 20 percent from 2017. It’s a good pipe dream thinking if we only had programs for rehab then we can correct this problem. They don’t want help, a good portion of them have mental problems thanks to Nevada shipping off hundreds of their mental patients with a one way ticket here back 2013. As a resident for the last fifteen years or so, I’ve seen the problem grow past the usual homeless problem. What we have here are mental patients roaming the streets and the police are powerless to do anything to stop the chaos that lives in and around mission street. Homeless people we can help, but turning s blind eye to mental patients screaming and attacking tourists does nothing but cost us more money in taxes and losing money because no one wants to vacation here. I don’t have the answer but neither does the mayor and the city government. All they care about is salesforce and the money they receive from them. There comes a time when all the good wishes in the world won’t fix the problem. Hard decisions need to be made and the liberal ideas don’t have the answer. San Francisco has almost made me switch parties. And governor newsom will only do to the whole state of California what he did to San Francisco. I do take some comfort that I don’t think he could ever become president at least. I’d almost rather trump as president than newsom, Gavin is actually smart enough to really mess up the country.
  8. I think there are definitely two versions of Patreon. One version like you are talking about in the comments. Paying in appreciation of open source and collaborating on new software. This is something I can get behind and support. I don't but I could. This is in the same vein when a Podcaster generates content by discussing Game of Thrones. They aren't getting any sponsors from HBO, they are fans creating new art about the show. This is definitely something I can get behind and support. Which I do have several Podcasts which I support through Patreon. But the moment any Podcaster puts their content behind a paywall and charges for it, and then add sponsors I stop supporting them. I don't like people who double dip and takes advantage of the listeners that support them. If you are paying for content, then you should get it commercial free. Then you have the version that is rather disturbing. The patreon that supports a YouTube content provider. You know the ones where they are getting money to showcase new make-up or some other such item, then they force their followers to pay via patreon to access those videos where they are already receiving money from the company providing the items. I understand that its a way of making money, and in one sense I can appreciate the capitalists nature. But again, don't take advantage of your supporters when you are already being compensated for your content. I think the Joe Rogan Experience is one of the best examples of a Podcaster doing it right. His Podcast, whether you like him or not, he doesn't charge the listeners. He generates content, he gets his sponsors, and its a free via all Podcast platforms and YouTube. My two uninformed opinion. J
  9. I've lived in San Francisco for 14 years now, surrounded by cars, buses, trains, and 888,000 people crammed into five square miles. There is traffic sounds all day long, rarely is there not traffic going in and out of the city. The noise is deafening. Add to those 888,000 residents, you probably have another 10,000 homeless people in and around the city. Its a stinky town, filled with feces, urine and dirty needles lining the streets. Some from dogs and some from the homeless people. Its rather common to be driving down a street and see a homeless person squatting in the street defecating. Its a far cry from the rolling hills of Pennsylvania where I'm from. Not only do you have the four seasons, but the air is so pure and clean. There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss my home. I miss the beautiful spring days where everything smells of flowers and freshly mowed grass. The crisp fall mornings with just a hint of wispy breath before the sun warms the almost frozen grass. Then you have the winter days, watching it snow from the inside of a hot tub on the back deck. The summers are hot, humid, and just perfect for outside picnic and back porch drinking. San Francisco has amazing food, great bars, a thriving gay scene that I don't think can be matched by many. But the noise, the smells, the dirtiness that the people step over on a daily basis makes me feel trapped in some alternate universe of a ultra liberal failed experiment. I so agree with your sentiment. Except, if it weren't for my fiance, i would be long gone from this cesspool.
  10. Starring Jason Momoa as Arthur/Aquaman, Amber Heard as Mera, Willem Dafoe as Vulko, Patrick Wilson as King Orm/Ocean Master, Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Manta. It was directed by the wonderfully talented James Wan, the creator of the Saw Franchise. Aquaman takes place shortly after the events of Justice League. This bit of information seemed to be slipped in right away to make sure we all know this is part of the DCEU. But just as Wonder Woman carved her own path away from the sadness that was Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Justice League with a story that focused on plot supported by CGI, Aquaman at its core, is a character driven film that made me care about the characters and their journey. Aquaman lives somewhere between the dark vision of Zack Snyder and the playfulness of Patty Jenkins, taking elements from both while carving a visually stunning film. I would venture a guess that the script was heavily rewritten multiple times attempting to course correct after the tepid reception of the Znyderverse and the sheer fun factor of Wonder Woman. The downside to what I am assuming is heavy rewrites, leaves us with a film that doesn’t seem to know what its suppose to be sometimes from moment to moment. Is it a light-hearted underwater tale with horrible dad jokes or a morality tale of sons paying for the sins of their fathers? As I type this, I still can’t tell you what this movie is about. In one of the darker moments of the film, Arthur takes out a bunch of pirates as they try to steal a submarine. While this sequence is visually stunning and really showcases the raw power Arthur can command, Arthur allows the father of one of the pirates to drown, thus creating one of the major villains in Aquaman’s cannon. This act really shocked me, as it was hard for me to believe that considering Arthur’s own mother was killed when he was young, that he could dismiss the pleas of a son to save his drowning father so flippantly. This sequence reminded me how I felt while watching Black Panther last year. Like Killmonger, Manta has a great back-story and a reason for revenge that makes his story arc believable and compelling. And in almost the next scene, Arthur and his father are in a bar drinking beer for breakfast when several scary biker looking guys approach them. This scene is played for suspense at first, when one of the guys barks out, ‘are you him’. Arthur turns around and for a moment, you think it’s about to go down. Then the scary biker looking guy exclaims out like an excited child that he wants a picture of Aquaman. This is like five minutes after Arthur kills numerous pirates on the submarine. And to make it a bit worse, there is a collage of Arthur drinking beer and taking photos with the scary bikers. The transitions between the dark and light moments happens so fast it was rather jarring at times. Yet Amber Heard was delightful as Mera, and has one of the coolest powers in the movie. Mera is far from being a damsel in distress. Not only does she stand toe to toe with Aquaman, but manages to save him numerous times and is a complete badass in her own right. Amber’s performance is well-rounded as I’ve seen in a long time. Plus, she’s a great strong female character for young teens. Orm makes a great villain and is almost underplayed by the talented Patrick Wilson. Though his motivation flips between his hatred towards Arthur whom he blames for the death of his mother and his hatred for the surface dwellers that has polluted the worlds oceans. I did find it a bit odd that his hatred for Arthur seemed misplaced as it would make more sense to hate his father who ordered the death of his mother. Take away the over the head message of the dangers of pollution, the jumps between light-hearted dad jokes, and brooding craziness, the core of the film is entertaining and I would recommend you watch it as the CGI is breathtaking.
  11. Just watched the new trailer for Captain Marvel and it looks a bit dark in spots, I truly hope the ending of Captain Marvel puts us directly into the beginning of Avengers Endgame...the new three months are going to be epic.



  12. I'm not sure if social media can be put to good use, I rarely use FaceBook, mainly because I don't understand the need to share everything of my life with other people. And I never get my news from Social Media but I do get ideas that cause me to research further into certain narratives. And I do know that newspaper were also heavily editing to craft narratives, especially with Hearst and his assassination against hemp to protect his paper mills. So I know its not a new thing. Its almost impossible to present an unbiased view, we are all structure from our opinions.
  13. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, AP, BBC America, CBS, ABC, we could go on for paragraphs just listing the different news programs in this country alone. About ten years ago, I stopped watching news programs on TV and its probably not the reason many of you might suspect. Once upon a time, reporters would actually inform you of the current events in your local area as well as over the world. If you missed the nightly news, you would have no way of getting the information until the next day. There was no spin, no slant towards a certain agenda, no talking heads telling the viewers what to think or feel about any certain topic. Reporters were hired to give an unbiased view of the news. They were also for the most part a money losing program for the network. It was understood by the executives that the news didn't make money and never made a profit. Instead the news would bring acclaim and prestige to the network which would bring advertisers for the other shows. And for a time, the big three had the most respected anchors in the country. The big three, Dan Rather CBS, Peter Jennings ABC, and Tom Brokaw NBC, ruled the airwaves for over twenty years. They brought a gravitas and respect to their respective networks. Out of those three, Dan Rather, who from 1980 until the mid 2000's, was arguably the most respected and most watched news anchor in the country. This was before his fall for presenting questionable documents regarding President George Bush's Vietnam service papers. Then Ted Turner came along with his visionary idea called CNN, the very first 24 hour news channel in the early 80's. But it wasn't until the Gulf War when the world first stood up and took notice. For the first time, CNN overtook the big three with an unprecedented scoop. They were the only news outlet to report from inside Iraq during the initial hours of the bombing campaign with live reports from a hotel inside Baghdad. Almost ten years later, CNN would also go down in history as the first cable news channel to report the attack on September 11th showing the first live footage of the plane crashing into the World Trade Center. And with the success of CNN, an Australian publisher, Rupert Murdoch, joined forces with philanthropist, Marvin Davis, to purchase a media company under the banner of 20th Century Fox, to compete with the big three in early 1985. By the third quarter of 1986, Murdoch led the company to earn 5.6 million dollars. In contrast, the year before of the same quarter, there was a 55 million dollar loss. For one of the first times in america, there was profit in the news and people started to notice. Some would say this was the start of the decline of traditional news programming as networks implemented new standard operating procedures to garnish quarterly profits. And those shows that didn't turn a profit, those anchors that couldn't compete with the more sensationalized reporters were slowly replaced. Now reporters were replaced with personalities pushing narratives the network demands as they started to divide into Republican and Democratic propaganda machines. Traditional reporting was now regulated to newspaper only as networks focused on agendas and pandering to the advertisers. Thus paved the way for internet news shows who dove deeper into partisan politics with overt slants in one direction or the other. As of right now, no matter what side of the political spectrum you follow, you can find bias reporting that only reinforces your worldview and/or opinions. But none of the above reasons are why I stopped watching TV news programs ten years ago. The I-Phone brought a powerful computer in your pocket that gives you real time sources to find any information your heart desires. Why watch the nightly news that teases a story before a commercial break and then makes you wait now sometimes longer than 3 minutes. I just pull out my phone, and get the information from Twitter, Facebook, Google and I get the information without the talking heads spinning some story that happened ten hours earlier. Who still watches news programs and if you do, which ones do you watch in 2019?
  14. Jason Rimbaud


    I've always loved stream of conscious writing. Waking nightmares are always a fun theme to explore especially in prose. And this nightmare is filled with brilliant imagery and a longing for what was and fear of what is too come. I really loved this piece. Good job.
  15. I fucking knew it! I didn't want to assume that you remembered me but i knew it was Authors Haunt. Welcome back! J
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