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green po-tat-oes



Happy St. Patricks Day!


I forgot to wear green (actually, I didnt feel like wearing green) today and I got pinched more than once, but in no good places. I had KFC, and I freaked out because my mashed potatoes were green and I thought something was wrong with them (mine were the only ones at the table that were green) and the girl there had to explain to me that it was because mine were the new batch so the guys I work with got old potatoes, but that


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hehehe...fake moldy potatoes...nice :2thumbs:


Glad to hear you had a good Saint Patty's Day and I'm sorry that your getting your butt kicked by the tax system. :( I hope you have an awsome weekend though!!!


- Kaiten

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hmmm..green mashed potatoes...who would have thought?


Sounds like you're having a great, but stressful time! Keep up the great work mr. domluka! And hope you can send in WT 7 during the weekend! :P

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even though Im getting my butt kicked on income taxes this year


You must have had more income than you expected, or else you've edged into that pesky alternative minimum tax.

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