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That Sterile Smell...



It's over for now. My back hurts and I am cranky. Chaz is irritating me,but it's sweet. Selene has fallen of the face of the earth which is good and David seems to have turned into a mute. My brother and mother seem to think that I am entertainment and my father keeps throwing his god fearing rhetoric in my face.


I don't know why they have to even be here right now. The only one not annoying me is my stepfather and that is because he is being quiet and helping Steve cook for everyone. Oh speaking of Steve I have conviced him to go to culinary school. So we are his guinea pigs.


Now about the surgery. Everything went fine and I dont have cancer, but they did find a fourth tumor that they did remove. Other than that i am okay. My back hurts but that is to be expected as I am trying not to take the pills they gave me every other hour but as prescribed, but they arent working.


The worst part of it I must say is that sterile smell the hospital has. I can't stand that smell.



GREEN cut up and bruised.


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I am glad your OKAY, I was checking every other hour to see if you posted anything. I am really glad you are okay :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D



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Glad you are home Green. B)


Oh- and you are right about that smell. A mere wiff of hospital (vet) smell makes my cat bush up his tail. I suppose it might have something to do with getting fixed when he wasn't even broken. :*)

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Thanks guys. I am just really tired because I can't sleep and the medication is making me drowsy.



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I say take the pills every other hour. But what do I know, I stupidly went through child birth TWICE with no drugs :blink: , so now I'm the first one in line for chemical relief. Glad to know you're okay.



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Oh- and you are right about that smell. A mere wiff of hospital (vet) smell makes my cat bush up his tail. I suppose it might have something to do with getting fixed when he wasn't even broken. :*)



I don't even remember that smell anymore, I've been working at a hospital for over 4 years so I'm use to the smell. I guess its a good thing because I remember hating going to work because of the smell :(




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Green!!! YAY! So I take it your back home??? I'm so glad to hear that it went well and that none of the lumps were cancerous. That's awsome!!! :2thumbs: It sounds as if you have your own personal chef...good good. ;) Get plenty of rest, I'd say go ahead and take the pain pills an hour earlier than recommended...just make sure and STOP taking them when the pain is gone. ;)0:) That's my only real fear with pain pills, they can easily become addictive.



YAY!!! YOUR OK!!! Whew! Sweet, go rest...enjoy the pampering, let Chaz pamper you ;) ...might as well take advantage of it while you can!! :devil: Good luck and I wish you both the best!!! :music:


- Kaiten

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Guest Rob Hawes


I'm glad you're ok and I'm really happy the surgery went well. I hope you make a swift and full recovery from this. Most of all, I'm glad the tumors weren't cancerous - believe me when I say that an aching back would be the least of your worries if you had to go through chemotherapy. There's joint pain, diarrhoea and constipation (a combination I never thought possible and now wish I hadn't encountered them together), nausea, vomiting, hair loss, hot and cold sweats and constant exhaustion. That's not to say you're not suffering right now, just that it could have been much worse. I'm really happy it wasn't.


Your friends and family mean well and just want to be there because they care - irritating, isn't it? That's one of a long list of reasons why I didn't tell my family about my cancer. I could rely on my friends to give me the space I needed, but my family would have never left me alone out of some misguided sense of duty. Just keep reminding yourself that they'll go home eventually and bite your tongue until then.


Oh and the hospital - that smell still appears in my nightmares every now and then. It's revolting. They say is what "clean" smells like, but that's bollocks. I swear they just create it so you feel sick and thus believe you should be in hospital. Even worse are the sheets on the bed - don't know if you got to experience them. It's like trying to sleep on sandpaper. And I won't even start with what they liked to laughingly call "food"!


Anyway, I'm glad you're out and on the mend. The pain should pass in a few days, I hope. Until then just let that boyfriend of yours fuss around you lots. My advice - don't think of it as being cared for because you're recovering from surgery, think of it as a taste of what it's like to be royalty. ;)

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