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We will be way!



Green and Chaz's blog will be closed due to Green's Surgery. We'll be back in business soon.




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Guest Kitty


Good luck, Green. I'll be thinking about you. Let us know how you're doing when you have a chance.


Kitty :)

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Take it easy all of you,


Chaz just let us know how it went.. so we know he and everyone is ok. Then spoil him silly ok.


Later guys... You will be fine Green I look forward to talking hearing about your wild stories soon.



The Bard

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Good Luck!!!


Green and Chaz...I have yet to figure out which is worse...having surgery performed on you or being the person in the waiting room. :blink: I know this is rough on both of you, so please remember to smile. Smiling has a way of making some of the worst fears and nerves diminish just a bit. So...to give you a smile I had to go looking for something entertaining.




Please keeps us posted when you can. Hugs for you both!!! :hug::hug::hug:


- Kaiten

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Hi guys and thanks.


Green is at the hospital right now. His mom is with him. Um I dont know how to say this but the doctors are concerned about this a bit more than they should be right now. They want to keep him for a few days longer and they fear that one of the smaller tumors might be cancerous. I just wanted to keep you guys updated he has his laptop with him so he'll be able to see everything you've posted. Again, thanks you guys.



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Guest Kitty


Hang in there, guys. Take it step by step. You've got a lot of folks rooting for you.






Edited to add: And keep breathing. I tend to hold my breath when I get stressed out, and that doesn't help one bit. :)

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OH goodness, I'm so sorry :( I hope everything works out okay. Best of luck, Green.


Take care and warmest wishes,


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Good luck guys! I hope everything goes well, and that there's a big open sign up soon!



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good luck to both of you, my thoughts are with you. I can't wait to have you guys join us again here.wishing for a quick recovery rekop1

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I am well. I am kind of tired so I will update tomorrow, but I wanted to say thanks to all of you for keeping me in your thoughts.



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