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Chapter 4 of True As It Can Be Live- Thoughts from Author



Well Chapter 4 should be live now

Here some thoughts on a very revealing chapter:

-As a reader, I personally believe that side-characters' stories need to be developed alongside main characters, they impact the flow of plot and develop the main characters. As such, any named character I've added to this story will have a background story.

-Paki's background for those who have not done a quick google search for Pretoria is the second capital city of South Africa. He was using Xhosa language, which is a colloquial language of South Africa and Zimbabwe. It's nominally the 2nd language of South Africa after English. I also added a local swear in there for authenticity. As I noted earlier, his name in Xhosa means "Witness". Also of note, Pretoria is known among the most crime infested cities in his country and is ranked in the world's worst.

-As for Brad's use of high-dosage methadone for his issues, it's an idea I was building up in earlier chapters, especially the last chapter, when I described how light could not easily enter his garden view room. Photo-sensitivity is one of the side-effects of the withdrawal symptoms. Methadone use is controversial and highly regulated or illegal in various parts of the world, it can be powerful counter-agent for substance abuse and pain relief, but it is also a dangerous innocuous abusive substance in on itself. The high dose variant Brad uses would not be allowed outside a special clinic and there would be a media storm over such an accommodation. Just as Gary can be a predator due to his wealth and status by his family, Brad's family has parallel special treatment.

-Francis reveals his connection to Gary and Brad in this chapter. This was getting built up since chapter 2. Francis' innate hatred of Brad is more than just simple disdain at his current words or behavior, the subtext I've laid down is one of betrayal by someone he admired, someone he was obsessed with. I mentioned the concept of Limerence last chapter as part of Beau attempt to justify his attraction to Brad, but Francis and Brad's past might be a textbook study on that concept. Love is not the same as obsession; though, obsession is part of love. Not sure how I will play that out. I mentioned it and wanted to play it.

-We still have 2 boys unexplored: Warren, the former wrestler with heavy make-up wearing burn scarred Latino effeminate boy, and Min, the wheelchair bound former baseball player of Japanese descent. Plus, "Cook", who has no background revelation yet at all. Even Mrs. Potter is known to be a caring nurse, whose husband walked out on her due to how he treated his disabled son, Chip.


Anyway, I hope readers enjoyed this chapter

Edited by W_L

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