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True As It Can Be Chapter 11 is Now Live- Author Notes



Chapter 11 is now live, here's some author's note:

-Brad's beastly side is showing

-Despite how much emotional growth and progress is shown, there's still a long way to go for everyone

-Beau has an innate gift as a therapist and someone who can empathize with others.

-Brad is naturally intimidating and dominant, but he's not sadistic or selfish about it. Some gay guys are naturally very dominant by personality, but in this case, Brad is worried that his nature is linked to Gary's sadism.

-Brad's greatest fear is becoming just like Gary

-Some more South African Xhosa words for translation:

Wamkelekile- "You are welcome"/"Welcome"

Ukukhula kukubona izinto- "To Grow is to See things"

-Now we have a ticking clock, Wednesday is the deadline for Brad.

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6 hours ago, chris191070 said:

We got a good insight into Brad this chapter and his worries.

Brad is a complex character in his own right, his pain and fears are pivotal to the narrative.

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