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True As It Can Be Chapter 12 is Now Live- Author Notes



Chapter 12 is now live, Here's some notes:

-A look into Beau's work-study job at the University Library. While in Beauty and the Beast, the Beast gave Belle an entire library, Beau actually works in one and has access to a massive amount of books.

-Gary Gaston has returned and his next scheme has far-ranging repercussions

-Min's story is revealed. It's very tragic and he has a lot of guilt to deal with.

I was inspired by the story of former professional baseball player Kazuhito Tadano, whose American major league career was ruined by a gay porn movie he made as a university student, who needed extra money. I pushed it even further though, because I think the concept is far more expansive than what most people realize about value systems. Sports is not valued as highly as it is in the United States for college level prospects. If your family cannot support your sports ambitions, very few people talk about the dark double-lives of athletes who need extra money. Paki as I mentioned earlier had steal to support himself and Min had to become a gay pornographic actor, along with his boyfriend.

-Japanese term translation

Daijoubu- "I'm Fine"/"I'm okay" equivalent expression

Nakama- Friend, Comrade, or colleague

-Brad has revealed why he is at this university despite Gary's presence and why the contract stipulates he has to attend classes in person?

Cook's approach is a modified version of the psychological therapy Confrontation Therapy, it's a real concept in psychology and widely practiced. However, I took a different tactic on this than most writers. Cook is using Brad's response to Gary, his hate and his fear, for therapy to stimulate Brad into action and recovery. Brad doesn't want to be near Gary, he doesn't want to finish therapy or come to terms, but that's necessary for his growth.

If Brad decides to attend classes in person, the contract will continue and this course of confrontation therapy will as well. However, if Brad cannot bring himself to do this, then the therapy has failed and the contract is moot. All of this is to help with Brad's mental health.

-Brad wasn't just betrayed and hurt by Gary alone, Gary plays on other people's pain and guilt. Brad's former teammates, who like Francis, had been mauled during their final championship game were organized by Gary and collaborated in the assault.

-The final text message is a big deal after learning what we have about Min's past. Ito's death is going to deepen his depression.

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This was a real gut wrenching chapter. We finally get to see just how evil and manipulative Gary is. He's going after everyone around Beau and trying to hurt them all.


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44 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

This was a real gut wrenching chapter. We finally get to see just how evil and manipulative Gary is. He's going after everyone around Beau and trying to hurt them all.


Gary and Brad are on a collision course.

Gary is escalating his game.

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