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MDBCs 06 Dec 2022



December 6th 2022 - Holidays and Observances


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Observances (click on the day or week for details)

National Gazpacho Day

National Miners Day

King Bhumibol’s Birthday

Mitten Tree Day

National Pawnbrokers Day

National Travis Day

World Trick Shot Day


Stella Chuu’s Birthday

That Girl Nicole’s Birthday

Princess Sofia’s Birthday

Satoru Iwata’s Birthday

Millie Davis’s Birthday

Nathan Blair’s Birthday

Kenneth Copeland’s Birthday

Mike Wilkerson’s Birthday

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Birthday

Frankie Beverly’s Birthday

EvanTubeHD’s Birthday

Darian Rojas’s Birthday

A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s Birthday


Fun Observances (2)

Put on Your Own Shoes Day

December 6 is Put On Your Own Shoes Day. It is a day to, well, put on your own shoes or if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, strap on your own sandals.

Kids putting on shoes.

Other than encouraging people to make sure they put on their own shoes while they step out of their homes, it is unclear what the unknown creator wanted to achieve with this obviously made-up holiday. Perhaps it was created by someone with young children as a way to prompt them to start learning how to wear and lace up their shoes.

Worn Since Antiquity

Shoes have been part of the human wardrobe since antiquity - the oldest preserved shoe in the world was found in Armenia and is believed to be at least 5000 years old. For most of history, shoes were basic and were used to protect the feet from the elements rather than for comfort and fashion. In fact, shoes made specifically for the left and the right feet were not invented until the 1800s. Today, shoes are a billion dollar industry around the world, with footwear being a major fashion item.

How to Celebrate

  • Put on your own shoes, of course.
  • If you have kids who are learning to put on their shoes, maybe today is the day to let them do it all by themselves.

Did You Know…

…that both men and women wore shoes with heels until the 18th century?


Microwave Oven Day

December 6 is Microwave Oven Day. It is a day to celebrate and honor the invention that has made the lives of college students, single people and over-worked parents easier, by making it convenient and faster for them to cook and reheat food.

Even a child can use a microwave oven.

It is unclear why the anonymous creators of the unofficial holiday chose this date to celebrate the common household appliance.

Heats by Agitating Molecules

Invented by American engineer Percy Spencer during World War II, a microwave oven uses electromagnetic waves to heat and cook food. The waves produce heat by agitating the water, fat and sugar molecules in food and cook it. Because of this, food tends to heat and cook faster and more evenly than other cooking methods.

A New Industry

Microwave ovens were first commercially sold in the United States in 1946 under the name Radarange. They rapidly became a coveted kitchen appliance and spawned a whole section of the food industry. Now, one can find ready-to-microwave meals and microwave cookbooks in grocery stores around the world.

Creating Equality in the Kitchen

Short cooking times also meant that women did not have to spend a bulk of their time in the kitchen and could use it to pursue activities that they previously did not have time for. In addition, microwave ovens also made it possible for men, who traditionally did not cook, to cook meals for themselves and for their families.

How to Celebrate?

  • Make all your meals and snacks for the day using a microwave oven.
  • If you are in the market for a microwave oven, today might be the day to bring one home?

Did You Know…

...that the Sun and Jupiter emit microwaves? Astronomers study them using radio telescopes.






Our boatswain's mate was a smoker who would toss his matches overboard. Then one day, he surprised us all when he popped a cigarette in his mouth and produced an expensive lighter from his pocket. With great fanfare, he flipped open the top, flicked the spark wheel, lit his cigarette ... then chucked the lighter overboard.




Dear Charlie,

We’ve been neighbors for six tumultuous years. When you borrowed my snowblower, you returned it in pieces.

When I was sick, you blasted Metallica. And when your dog decorated my lawn, you laughed.

I could go on, but I’m not one to hold grudges. So I am writing this letter to tell you that your house is on fire.






The last time we changed from daylight saving time, a preacher friend posted,

“For those who habitually show up 15 minutes late to church,

allow me to remind you that tonight is the night you set your clock back 45 minutes.”




My cat just walked up to the paper shredder and said,

“Teach me 
everything you know.”




Our 4-year-old granddaughter, Ivy, has been taking riding lessons for over a year. One day during breakfast, she was talking with her mom about horseshoes.

Ivy’s mom said the person trained to shoe a horse is called a farrier.

“Are they little people with wings?” Ivy asked.











































" I Love Winter "








































sandrewn :cowboy:

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