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paraphernalia - Word of the Day - Thu Dec 15, 2022




paraphernalia - (noun) - 1: the separate real or personal property of a married woman; 2: personal belongings; 3: articles of equipment: furnishings; 4: accesory items: appurtenances

Lando Calrissian Good Luck GIF by Star Wars


Collecting Star Wars paraphernalia used to be a thing until Disney killed Star Wars.


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Originally it was a bride's property beyond her dowry. From the original Greek to Latin, the meaning was beyond dowry.

Now it means you're either a hoarder or busted for a crack pipe.

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4 hours ago, JamesSavik said:

Getting caught with paraphernalia will cost you a hundred bucks.

The law is so broad here you could be arrested for having a bucket. No joke. They throw the book at you here, if you ever get to court. The dockets are years behind.

Meanwhile in other places you have paraphenalia they want to give you a check.

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