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Of Pride and Power Chapter 7 is live



Chapter 7

Well, the explosive sex scene at the end of the chapter hopefully will  be enjoyable for some folks, who have written to me about the need to explore Eli's innate Dom qualities. :o 😛

Those books I referenced are actually not bad reference material, slightly dated, but not bad introduction.

The story of Siproites is an actual incomplete Greek myth about a boy being turned into a girl. The later storytellers and interpreters during the Roman era considered it a punishment to lose one's manliness and that interpretation has stuck. However, in the mindset of this story, I had a different thought about the concept of the missing Greek myth. What if Siproites weren't punished for liking the female body and in fact wanted to join the female-only hunters of Artemis? Wouldn't that change the entire concept of the sex change story from punishment to one of transgender acceptance? Not sure if it can ever be proven one way or another, but in my universe, the original story was meant to give  kids an option to choose their gender identity.

As for introducing a Dom/sub dynamic, Francis is a guy who has devoted his life to "the last shall be the first" prophecy that involves Eli. To him Eli is literally the goal of all his motivations and desires. Plus to add insult to injury, he received glimpses of historical Sir Francis Walsingham, who was devoted (and possibly depending on the source) in love with Elizabeth. The most important thing for a natural sub is "devotion to serve", which Francis has in spades. If the BDSM crew think I am off the mark, feel free to comment.

This week's law of power is 19th Law of Power "Know who you are dealing with". This is simple, Eli and the other characters are getting to know each other, especially Francis. Relationship dynamics can be affected by knowledge.



1. The myth of Siproites was referenced by the Roman Antoninus Liberalis in a collection of incomplete Greek myths used for educational lessons in the 1st century AD. Many people use his incomplete version of the story as justification that a sex change from boy to girl.

2. Joyce Denny is the mother of Francis Walsingham, she lived from 1507 to 1560. She was married twice first to William Walsingham until 1534 when he died. Then married again to John Cary, until 1551 when he died. She had 7 children combined and many grandchildren in our history.


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