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Of Pride and Power Chapter 11 is live



Chapter 11

I cried for Eli in this chapter towards the end, I don't think anyone was expecting me to take this story on such a dramatic ending. However, I had laid out a lot of hints throughout the story about the truth between Jack and Robert Dudley. They're not the same person, but they possess the same consciousness.

Anyway, the ending is something I should discuss before I go into details about the many threads I just unleashed on you my readers. Amy Robsart was married to Robert Dudley in history for a decade, but died under mysterious circumstances. There have always been rumors that Elizabeth I had her murdered so she could have her boyfriend/partner all to herself without wedlock issue. That rumor was one of the reasons that Elizabeth couldn't easily marry Robert Dudley. Seeing as Robert remained her lover and devoted follower until he died, if she did have his wife killed, then I don't think he actually really loved her. I took the concept to a greater extreme and thought about the idea of a "sham marriage" and what would a medieval boot/conversion camp for teenage nobles be like. 

As for the big introduction, John Knox. I hope Presbyterians don't have a problem I borrowed their founder in my story, but historically he was called in 1550 by John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, to deliver a sermon to King Edward VI in London. I took the idea and ran with a chance encounter with Eli along the way. Yes, he was a misogynist and probably contributed to some of the worst aspects within American and British Protestant faiths that descend from his line of thought, but he did have positive attributes such as the desire to fight noble, clergy, and royal privilege against commoners. He believed in fairness for all "men", but it was positive step in some of the ideas that would be very progressive for that era.

Now if you take such a man and reveal to him that there is no heaven/hell, no reward/punishment system for faith, plus tell him his sermons and actions would directly hurt innocent people like Eli, then I think you might get someone very interesting. Without misogyny and toxic masculine influence, along with more secular and worldly perspective beyond abiding by faith alone, a religious faith born out of this man could be interesting. As to why reform versus Anglican, it's quite simple: the Church of England in this era was quite corrupt between Catholic and Protestant elements being in bed with the nobility. There are too many connections and too many links to disentangle. It would be easier to create a wholly new faith with a new set of principles that could be easier to accept.

As for the plot in Norfolk between Princess Mary and Robert Kett, I thought it would be interesting to give these farmers and artisans 19th century Blunderbusses, because they were one of the last major guns developed before the advent of breach-load shotgun and carbine guns. Eli Whitney's interchangeable parts concept in gun manufacturing would have come into practice, making them significantly more powerful than normal 16th century flintlocks. However, a cardinal weakness of using shotguns is their short range, so in urban battle, they're superb as Mary probably assumed based on the history of Kett rebellions takeover of Norwich. They would be ideal as an urban suppression force. Eli was correct at the assessment, in the open field with cannons in formation, a shotgun would not be as useful in fight over distances. In the 19th century, Napoleon Bonaparte took the concept of mass artillery to its greatest victory at Austerlitz, defeating the combined armies of Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia. Advanced weapons without advanced tactics are meaningless.


This week's law of power is 27th law of power “Play on people’s need to believe to create a cultlike following.”, several examples can be seen with the cultlike following of John Knox's sermons, Robert Kett's rebellion being manipulated by Princess Mary, and the Robsart family compound of captive young noble men. Belief in ideals and values create groups like these throughout history. You can face them off through conflict like Eli did if you have superior forces and are prepared to deal with the reputation hit. You could also try to confront the cult leader with evidence that their world view is false, but it would likely be difficult if not impossible to persuade someone who doesn't share your experiences.



1. Kett's rebellion originally started in July 1549 saw the capture of Norwich, a major city in Norfolk england. Their rebellion were armed with some firearms, but mainly simple farm equipment used as weapons. In my story, with the assistance of the Catholic faction, they have 19th century guns and will pose a more significant threat.

2. John Knox is well known as Protestant leader in both England and Scotland. He was instrumental in repudiating the rule of Mary of Guise as Scotland Queen and shielding Protestants under Mary Stuart.

3. Eli/Eric and Robert/Jack are probably a soap opera super couple, they have a lot to work through between missed connections and side-relationships. However, I don't think any of you guys can deny, they love each other. It's the sort of "always and forever" kind of love that everyone wants. Eli has to make it up to him, but I don't think Robert cared as long as they're together. However, don't count your happily ever afters yet. Elizabeth and Robert Dudley had a tumultuous few years in the 1550s, which I am planning on exploring :o I am not evil, it's just history :evil:

This is their song if anyone cares:


4. As to the ending, I did tip my hat off to who Eli is writing this book for. I gave you guys a lot of hints, Eli's an Omega so you know children will come eventually. Now whose going to be the baby-daddy: Robert, Francis, or some other guys :P Of course, Jack would want a new species to start from Eli and Eli isn't against poly.... :o

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