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sooooooo behind!



Okay this is going to be short and sweet... kind of like me! 0:) Giggle :P


Let's see here... First, I have to wish a Happy Birthday to two very motivating people in my life...


Comicality and Matty! Happy Birthday boys! :wub: Hope you both have amazing years and thanks you for being the guys you are and my friends and motivators and just all around nice guys! Cute too! ;) well Matty is anyway, haven't ever seen Com... still waiting on him to return the favor :whistle: And while I'm at it... I might as well wish it to my German friend too... even though it's already passed and I already told him, but just for fun!


Okay, anyone who emailed me, I swear I am gonna take tomorrow and reply... finally :*) and I'm sorry it's been so long, but I will do it, tomorrow, I promise! I really am just trying to finish this chapter so I can get it out tomorrow too. It's gonna be great too! ;) Just as soon as I finish editing for Davey :wub: ...


Umm to that cutie I've been helping... mostly helping him avoid his education I think, hehehe, I am SO proud of you for being brave and going after what you want!


I want to wish Kevin a.k.a. A Friendly Face an easy move and good luck on his finals, can't wait to hear from you again hun! :hug:


Here are some links to some stories I think you all might like to check out... they are new and from new authors, but really promising if you ask me... which you didn't :lmao: but it's my blog so deal! 0:)




If you read those, take some time and give my boys some feedback... :2thumbs: I know they would appreciate it so much!


Hugs, Vivian


P.S. Smooooooooch pal! :wub:


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I'm not avoiding my education! It's not even education! It's 4 periods worth of study halls!! But thanks for helping anyways :D

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I'm not avoiding my education! It's not even education! It's 4 periods worth of study halls!! But thanks for helping anyways :D



Hey there dude... I'm proud of you for outing yourselve to us and letting us know who Vivian was talking about. Study hall? Wow if your not really doing eductaiona by school standers, who's the hottie your really Studing? :lol:


Just teasing dude.



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