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Luc's Dementia

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Camera Whoring Kittens







Baby Purr (left) Butterscotch (right)




Marina and ALL her babies


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So Luc, with all these kittens, you have enough to send one to all of us, right? Sort of like a GA gift basket.


Kittens make me curl up in a little ball and squee, they're so cute...I MUST be gay :lmao:

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Marina looks like she's about to turn into 'Superposs' and fly off to save the world.


Butterball is obviously camera savvy and will probably end up being a supermodel.

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Of course I like Butterscotch and Butterball- I'm a big fan of yellow tabbies.


But- Baby Purr looks like she has a lot of personality too.


BTW- I found a book that I'm enjoying called Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams. If you like cats, check it out.

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