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  1. Happy Birthday Benner.

  2. *holds your pokey hand* miss you more, off to sleep for another 12 hours probably. You were up sooo late...or early. Misssss youuuu xxxx

  3. *pokes you back* missing you too just going bed :P its 6 am

  4. *pokey pokey pokey* I miss you, la la la la la la xxx

  5. Hiiiiiiii *grins and pokes you in the ribs* xxx

  6. Hey lovely, I'm really sorry for your loss take care of yourself ok? xxx
  7. *pounces on teh dogs steals their chocolate and sends them after you again* :P

  8. *giggles and squirms bribing the tracker dogs with chocolate before making my escape, hiding again* :P

  9. *hunts you down with tracker dogs, the secret service and james bond like equipment then pokes you* :P

  10. *pokes you and runs and hides*

  11. Awwww, hey guys!!! Thanks so much for remembering my birthday and for the birthday messages, I really appreciate them! I know I've not been that active on here of late, I've been trying to focus on uni and stuff, but not very successfully!! haha. Thanks again dudes, its really appreaciated!! p.s. Sharon you really should be buying new socks, hahaha, I still remember that reference!! p.p.s. Look out marky! I am not 100 I think you need pay back for the extra 78 bumps I'm thinking Sunday Spankings mwa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa
  12. :P *hug squared to infinity :P (and beyond) LMAO
  13. *hug squared* *:P hehe

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