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More kitten pics



These are Marina's kittens also:






Little One (2 pics of her--hard to tell her apart from Chicken, but she is darker and her eyes are not as big)




Baby Purr (girl)




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Guest Kitty


Sweet, sweet precious babies. Baby Purr looks like he (she?) is a black and white "tuxedo" cat. My very first cat, 23 years ago, was a black and white cat with green eyes.


Kitty :)

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*grins* I REALLY want butterball, *pouts and batts his eyelashes * can i have him ?


:D Marina has such beautiful babies, love when they have a mixed coloring in one litter they all look too adorable.

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Oh!! So cute!!!!! :wub::wub::wub: They are adorable! lol I'm a fan of any and all cats, particularly kittens...but Baby Purr has definately caught my attention. She just looks so cuddlely and relaxed. Oh..I want a kitten now too!!! :(:)


I hope you have an awsome weekend and take care Luc!!! :)


- Kaiten

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Ohhhh- I want Butterball! :wub:


I wonder how much a plane ticket for him would cost. Would he have an accent? Would the Mississippi cats make fun of him? I think about these things way too much. :wacko:

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