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Well, I made the mistake this morning of sending chapter one to Nifty and I got a reply from them saying that they added it to the No Sex section of the site.....I guess that's kinda where it belongs, but it kinda ticks me off because no one goes to that part...it's the same place they buried Obligation To Myself, and I was a little pissed about that too.....


I wrote a new poem today where I think I was finally able to come to terms with something thats had me depressed since I was a little kid and even though the poem looks like Im forgiving my dad, I think it's more about kicking myself in the head, forgiving myself and moving on.


So anyway, Mary from RCWP built me a page for Bodega bay and I'm in love with it here's the link Bodega Bay



Im really excited about working on this story again. I've found a direction to take it in that I feel really good about. Also, congrats to someone else who has an awesome page there too :great::read:


Anyway I just wanted to update this thing since i hardly do it as often anymore






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I almost feel the same way about the sci-fi section, I don't think it's part of the sites main traffic areas.

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I'm not sure that a story dealing with themes of pedophilia and abuse qualifies as "no sex."

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Nick, your poem is beautiful! If I had not read or been reading WTDBYAM I would not understand it as much, but I can see the pain and I can see you growing up just in the words you wrote. Your dad, at the age he made that decision, was a wise young man. He did make the right desecion for both of you. You are definitely growing up to be a great young man!! Keep that poem close to you as it will always remind you of where you came from and where you are now!!!






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