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Complete HELL



I posted this last night but it wasn't working so I'm posting it now :)


I can tell you from the start that this entire blog is going to be nothing but bitching. So if you really don't want to hear me complain and sound like a little bitch, then leave. Other than that, by all means, please do enjoy :)


So let's start with CJ since that was just a couple minutes ago. I'm sick of reading one chapter every week. He always leaves the things on a cliffhanger and leaves you sitting there for a week twiddling your thumbs waiting for a new one. Well bite me CJ, because I'm not doing it anymore! I'm boycotting until you finish the damn thing or at least you don't leave it on a cliffhanger! Not that it matters to him since I'm usually bugging him about getting the next chapter anyways so it's probably not an effective strategy. Oh well.


OH! The one piece of good news is that I did pretty well bowling tonight. The third game at least. Still sucked, but good enough for me! On to all the shit...


I got two tickets in three days. Yes, TWO. One of them was a bullshit ticket, and the other one I'm just pissed about because it was the second one in three days. The first ticket I got because I made my own off-ramp from the highway to the access road :) That cop was a dick though. He said about 10 words to me total and that was it. Walked up and said "I need your license and proof of insurance." I gave it to him without saying a word and he walked away. 30 minutes later of Michelle and I talking about how to get out of the ticket and the f**ker comes back. "You're receiving a citation for driving from a controlled access highway where prohibited." and then did the whole "This is not an admission of guilt" thing and gave me the ticket and walked away. Throughout all of this I didn't say a word to him because he was a dick to me and I didn't trust what I might have said to the bastard. I didn't want to end up in jail.


BUT, I'm almost positive I can get out of that ticket. First of all, the cops in this city are lazy and tend not to show up for court dates. They take 5 months to set one up and by that time they can't remember what happened anyways. So if he doesn't show up, the ticket is dismissed and I go home happy. If he DOES show up, I might be able to get off on a couple technicalities. He spelled my last name wrong, scribbled it out and wrote the write one, marked two different counties, Dallas and Tarrant, and then scribbled out Tarrant and I don't even know what his name was. He never identified himself and he scribbled on the paper as his signature. However, if that doesn't work, I have spent over 23 hours sitting in the waiting room of Just Brakes during the last month getting my brakes fixed over and over again. When I hit the brakes hard, the wheel turns over 90 degrees to the left or right. Well I hit the brakes hard because the person in front of me did and I ended up in the grass on the edge of the road. Well it had rained and it was muddy still and because it was on a hill, my truck doesn't have the traction to back up so I had no choice but to make my own off-ramp or else I would have to stop the flow of traffic and have someone pull me out.


THEN, two days later (last night) I got a speeding ticket. I was surprised because I was only going 75 instead of my usual 85+, but the f**ker got me with LADAR before I could see him. I think he was bullshitting with the 75 though. It takes a couple seconds for the laser to lock on a speed and my radar detector went off and I slammed the brakes quick enough that I don't think he locked it at 75. Of course I didn't want to ask to see it because I'm a chicken shit and didn't feel like pissing him off.


I have two finals tomorrow, one of which is total bullshit and is going to suck. The other SHOULD be easy, but we'll see how that goes. I don't plan on studying for it so it could go absolutely horrible, but shit happens. If I get an A in the course I'll be happy and won't bitch. If I don't get an A I'll go yell at the professor until he gives me one.


I had a final project in programming. It was a group project, but it's hard to do a programming group project when the rest of the class (all 6 of them) is stupid. So I ended up doing the entire project in about 2 hours when we had 2 weeks to do it. The program was flawless and all the flowcharts and specification reports were good too. I even wrote most of the code for the OTHER team too since they were falling behind and didn't know what to do. But does that get me the 100 that I deserved? Of course not. She HATES giving 100's so she found some stupid little thing to take off 3 points of my grade. I named a block of code "collectRow()" and she took off the 3 points because she said that name doesn't give an accurate description of what the robot does. Well I'll be damned if that code doesn't make the robot collect a row of dots. To keep the names simple and under the character limit restrictions, I figured it was an accurate description. Apparently not. But that doesn't matter. I commented almost every line of code on the damn thing to make sure anyone reading it would know what each line did. Even further, there were flowcharts for EVERY block of code explaining the process of the command and how it worked and the ifs and loops it used. So my description wasn't accurate enough? Bite me. Those 3 points dropped my final grade from a 99.83 to a 99.28. From a 100 to a 99. Honestly it doesn't mean much to me, but it still pisses me off that I do the entire project and half the other group’s project, and she takes off 3 points because she doesn't want to give a 100.


My stupid hamster escaped the other day. He tore a hole in the top of the cage and got loose in my room. My door was closed so I didn't think the dogs ate him, but if they did I really wouldn't have minded because I would rather know and not look than not know and be worried that he was loose. So I tore my entire room apart looking for the damned thing and came up with nothing. Well I guess I made enough noise to wake him up because he started scratching on my entertainment center from below. Had I known that there was hollow space under there, I would have checked, but I didn't know. So I started tearing the thing apart and pulled up one of the bottom boards and saw some rat shit. At this point I was pissed because not only was the hamster still running around under there, but at one point rats were too. I was prying off one of the board when the stupid f**ker started running across my room. So I grabbed him and "nicely" put (read: threw) him into his cage and set about cleaning up all the rat shit and re-arranging my room because I already had it torn apart. So after an hour of searching and tearing, I found the f**ker, but I was a little pissed. Then I had to call the bug guy back that was here a few weeks ago to get rid of the rats that were floating around.


Not only were there rats, but there was a colony of FIRE ANTS living under my carpet. I didn't know fire ants could even live under the carpet, but yes, there was a colony. He came out a few weeks ago to spray the house and yard because the 5 or 6 months were up and it was that time. Well he either missed my room or he pissed the ones outside off so they moved to my room. When I found the f**kers I flipped out and grabbed a can of whatever pest killer I could find and started drowning the little bastards. But, my room is now ant and rat free and the hamster is stuck in his cage so it's all good.


In other news, the GA Convention comes to town in a couple weeks. I'm pretty excited about it really. I don't think it'll be as great for me because I live in the damn place and it's not new and exciting like the San Francisco one was, but I'm looking forward to meeting some of the others and hanging out with the ones that were there last year again.


Speaking of, Steve is putting me to work so I'm done ranting for now. Considering it's been 2 months since my last blog entry and all this has only happened in the past week, be glad I don't post more because that would be one hell of a bitch-fest.



Enjoy the day everyone! :)




(Who should be in bed or studying, but is bitching instead!)


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Yes entertaining steph :P


I don't like cops much either, one you had is really on a power trip :/ also can call in when he goes on vacation and schedule on that date :P


However I don't find this week's a big cliffe. it is sometimes better to wait til it's finished.

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Thats right and I have half the mind to turn you out in a few weeks :P baseball uniform and all. (thats not my kink so don't blame me). Tickets suck, but the hamsters was actually quite entertaining to read. My sister had one of those a few years back. It to decided it was going on a walkabout. Can't found the poor sucker and well... death by castration. Honestly hamsters shouldn't have nuts that big anyhow...

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Thanks, Joe, that was actually more entertaining than the story I was reading! :P

*whispers in Steph's ear*


Don't tell the author that ;)




Just out of curiosity, Joe, how does one tell rat droppings from hamster droppings? Are rat droppings just much larger?

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I just read a story the other day that started like your one about the cop... cept he ended up being the guy's boyfriend and they were role-playing... something about a guy in uniform with handcuffs or something, but in the end, he made him keep the ticket...


Umm, Joey... I'm gonna miss seeing you in a few weeks :( Send me some hugs home with Steve, kay?


Love ya,


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I just read a story the other day that started like your one about the cop... cept he ended up being the guy's boyfriend and they were role-playing... something about a guy in uniform with handcuffs or something, but in the end, he made him keep the ticket...


Viv, i think we might have read the same story.



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