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ARGH! - No I'm not a pirate



Well, now that I've vented a bit, I feel like I'm finally calm enough to write a post that all of you can read :)


I'll start with the exs. It seems that everyone of my exs seems to be contacting me lately. Well, not every one of them, but a lot of them. First, the most recent ex continues to send random texts asking me what's up or if I'm still awake at 2am. Some people sleep you know! Not me, but if I was normal, I'd probably be in bed!


Then last night I got a phone call from Michael. If any of you remember him, he's the first guy I messed around with that I had a huge crush on. I had planned on moving back to Missouri at the end of the school year, but apparently he didn't get the memo that it wasn't going to happen until last night. So he called me and was pretty upset that I wasn't coming back. So I talked to him for a good 15 minutes which was actually pretty nice.


But, the shocker of them all is that Jonathan moved back to town. To recap, he was the one that I had very strong feelings for at one point, but he f**ked me over. Then there was a possibility of getting back together, but I ended up not doing it. He moved a few months ago to a town about three hours away from here. Turns out his parents got a divorce so he came back here to live with his mom. He's now completely out and his mom accepts it and they're still very close apparently. I talked to him online yesterday and got caught up with everything and then tonight I had to basically teach him how to be gay :blink: As if I'm the best openly gay guy to talk to about coming out and meeting new guys. Right... Anyways he's still in the stage of, "No one wants me, he's out of my league, I can't do it, I don't know what to do..." kind of crap so I was talking him through that. He just got into the dating field, but wants to find an amazing guy right off the bat. I told him that was easier said than done, but I think he still might have some feelings for me but doesn't want to admit it.


Then to top it all off, I noticed on the birthday list that it's my Missouri-Psycho ex's birthday today. Fairly odd I must say, but I don't think I'm going to send him a Happy Birthday text or call him. I've had enough ex-drama lately.


Moving right along, I was in a royally pissed off mood today because I cleaned the entire house even though I wasn't the one to make it a mess to begin with. It took me 4-5 hours of doing nothing but cleaning carpets, shelves, closets, the kitchen, and everything else on the ground floor. My sister briefly helped me and cleaned a few spots on the carpet, but the nasty pig of a brother I have just ignored me. He's been told to wash the dishes and vacuum the living room for the past week, but he just sits there and ignores it. I was getting sick of having people over and the house was a mess so I finally just cleaned the whole damn thing. My sister made up for it by buying me pizza though so I don't have any hard feelings against her.


The good news in the cleaning though is that I finally finished my damn Defensive Driving Course online. It took me 2 weeks to do the stupid thing because I kept falling asleep while taking it. I honestly don't know if I'll get my papers back in time though so I might have an arrest warrent out for me come April. I hooked my laptop up to the projector in the living room and used my cell phone as a mouse with the bluetooth and just kept clicking next from across the room. Made life much easier when you can ignore the videos and vacuum at the same time.


I'm going to Austin this weekend finally. Mason, Michelle, our friend Valerie, one of her friends, and I are all taking a weekend trip down there. It's a last minute thing, but we always wanted to go down so I figured why the hell not. I'm really looking forward to it. Even if we're all in one room with 2 beds and a pullout couch. No one's sleeping on the floor, but there's no privacy for Mason and I either :( Or I could just lock them out of the room...


I have much more to rant about, but I think I've done enough for the night. The other post was much more graphic and detailed so I feel significantly better :D




(Who is going to make sure his house is still clean after the bastard just left)


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Good Have fun :D


I hate it too after I clean esp other places then another person makes it messy again :/

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Hey Joe!


Well I'm glad you're feeling better and that you have a clean house now! :D


Ex drama, or drama in general definitely sucks, but look at this way, it means that they thought you were too nifty to lose completely from their lives ;)


Take care and have an awesome day!


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and then tonight I had to basically teach him how to be gay :blink: As if I'm the best openly gay guy to talk to about coming out and meeting new guys.



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So. I came home to a party. While I don't mind parties, I swear if the house isn't SPOTLESS tomorrow, I'm going to go nuts.

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You know you don't have to kick us out. Their is always the bathroom, considering that's your style....if Mason gets the text.




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