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Talk, talks, Talking.



What is it about gossip that get's my blood fuming, even if it's about somebody I hate. But when it's about me for some reason I have to let them indulge themselves. I went to the library today with Chaz he was looking up some stuff and I needed to write a paper on an author. I finished early so I took the time to print a paper I had written that is due monday. When I was done I sat down near some people.


Alright so here goes a little background on myself. I was born in Guatemala. Even though my parents were white I learned the spanish language first. My parents were missionaries to some church they have long since abandoned. I moved to the states when I was three where I had to learn english.


So that said. I caught some people speaking of someone named Green, calling him a gay immigrant that thinks he's better than anybody because he can speak two languages blah blah blah. So I joined in it seemed like fun. I said, "Yeah he thinks that he knows good music. I met him once he seemed like a snob."


They kept on talking at one point they made a crack at my name and I laughed so hard. They thought I was laughing at the joke but I just couldn't help laughing at the stupidity. I had to laugh. Apparently they were making fun of a paper of mine they found in my schools printer (the same one I had printed I forgot to get it from the printer). So after a while they begin to recite from it. The paper is autobiographical it told of my upbringing in Guatemala and how I learned to speak spanish and english. It also told of my being gay. As the spoke of my paper Chaz yells my name across the library.


"Hey Green, you ready to go?" I smile and I nod and I say bye to the three most amusing and red faced people I've ever met.


Gay green GREEN Guatemalan immigrant.


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Holy crap!!! That is a great story!


The upside is at least you didn't forget your paper...



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You know that reminds me of the moive Notting Hill.


Well done Green, I only wish I could have seen the look on there faces.



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A great many military brats are born overseas- mostly in Europe.


One of my long time friends growing up was a missionary kid. Rick grew up in Kenya and I met him when he showed up in jr. high. (Remember-this was Mississippi in the 70s) He created quite the contraversy when he took a black chick the the jr high dance.


I loved it. People said like Dude, you can't do that and he just said why not.

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