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So, you always read those stories... the ones that end in 'and that's how I knew I was gay'.


Forgive me for what I'm about to do... but it's 2 am and Rich is STILL at work, for the second time tonight, and I'm hanging out with Steve and his boys and feeling... giggly. :D


I remember being 12 and seeing this and just losing my mind. I'm pretty sure I would have had no idea what to do with one of these... but I knew I wanted it and so... this is my 'and that's how I knew I was straight' story.


How I knew I was straight


Strange things happened in 1989... what can I say? We wore huge hoop earrings, stirrup pants, had huge bangs, wore a ton of jelly bracelets, and... loved these guys. Odd phenomena...





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I watched it and what can I say: It's my 'and that's how I knew I was straight* story too :P


I am glad I was only seven years old in 1989 and missed all that. :D


The 1994's however..... :rolleyes:



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I forgive you :P


Ah, the memories, lol.


I might even have a story to share ^_^

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the hair isss.... no comment




the body is.... hmmm FABULOUS?


I'm sorry I just had too *giggles*


Hugs: Viv

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