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Author Time!



Well... this is it. Yesterday was my last final in school and while I didn't do as well as I hoped I would, I still managed to do the best I could. What does this mean for you, you might be wondering, well, it means that I'll have more time to write and chat and such.


I'm going to do a massive overhaul of my already published stories and hopefully finish up Lost in Pain. I know that I've said I would work on it but school kinda got in the way. Another thing... being in the hospital for six days brought about some ideas for stories that I'm going to try my hand at.


So. This is the plan:

Coming to Terms: I lost the final draft of it, so I'll be editing this myself and reposting it

Lost in Pain: Since i'm stuck where I want to go with this, I'll be posting a final chapter with it and giving some conclusion to the story.

Till Death Do Us Part: Thank you Sharon for showing me my errors and giving me some ideas for the story. I'll begin posting it once I have a reserve with chapters.

eFiction: Keep an eye out because I'll be posting some new short stories soon...


I want to thank Sharon, Steve, CJ, Krista, and Trebs for their help/support/ideas/etc. cus if it wasn't for them, I'd still be stuck at square 1





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