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Democrats, Republicans, my family and the soapbox



Well, this weekend I lived a nightmare...lol....not really, but it wasn't fun. We went to Jacksonville, Florida this weekend because my grandfather was there from California visiting my aunt and uncle and cousins. Well, my dad's a republican, my grandpa is a democrat, and my aunt thinks we should live in a theocracy where the governmnt pays for everything for everyone(Im not sure what to call that party..lol). Anyway, they started arguing about everything political, and it was unreal. My uncle and my stepmom and me just left the room and let the 3 extremists go at it.

Later on, I got on the computer and logged on to GA because I was sooo bored. I went back an looked at some of the old topics in the soapbox that I posted in, and I realized that I had some really wild wars in there...lol. It was like reading the argument that they were having. I guess that just like my family, we all had different ideas and we had to have it out.

Then I got on my blog and read some old entries, and I came across the imfamous hetero sex entry....I still cant believe how cool everyone here was. I went from feeing like everyone hated my guts to feeling like the richest person in the world for belonging to this forum. I guess I just want to let everyone know that I never forgot about how you had my back. Thanks


Well, if you ever read stories posted in the library, you might have seen that I've been posting chapters of my story. Im still getting the chapters I have finished edited, so Im not really posting them very fast. I know they have a lot of mistakes still, but if you can believe it, they were worse before. I promise to get them posted as soon as they're edited,though. I think that as the chapters go on, the stry gets better...I know that the first few chapters sucked, but I think it got better when I got the hang of what I was doing. Anyway, dont be shy about PMing me to tell me wat you think..even if it's a flame. I want to know so I can get better.....if you want, you can even flame me here if you want(or just give me some feedback)




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Some may disagree with you politically, and may have said mean things, but I suspect most of use would stand and fight with any member when the tough situations come along. Hell, I might even defend AcePylut if some government type was trying to take his house. :D


:king: Snow Dog

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My Mom has a rule about political discussions during family get together. She doesn't allow it.


She says that under her roof there is no democracy or tyranny, only a benevolent matriarchy that brooks no mischief.

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my aunt thinks we should live in a theocracy where the governmnt pays for everything for everyone(Im not sure what to call that party..lol).


A cult?


Anyway, I can relate to the inter-family political argument. My dad is democrat, his father is republican and has practically disowned him, and my mother is liberal as hell but my dad always to play devil's advocate anyway. Thanksgiving is a real treat, as you can imagine.

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My father always told my sisters and I to never argue politics or religon. He said the only out come with either topic was the loss of a friend.



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I think you're story is excellent Nick, am looking forward to your next posting. Sorry I don't have anything constructive to say, but I actually try not to be too critical when I read or watch something (I'm always the guy saying "it wasn't THAT bad" after any unpopular movie). I usually just let the experience of viewing any art, movie, or book just take me. And should I happen to not like something I always just figure its "not my taste".....like I thought Hemmingway was long-winded, opaque, and just plan boring, but clearly not everyone agreed. Anyway in the case of your story, I really do like it, and can't wait to read more.


I never argue "politics" from a straightforward party point of view (and consider myself neither Dem nor Repub., though I guess I'm a little more liberal), but I will state my opinions about specific issues that come up.....As far as religion goes, I'm happy to share my views, but I try to refrain from getting too "preachy",

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Nick...you are a good person...just remember, its only opinions..there is no wrong opinion....as I explained to one of my sisters, who called one of my brother in laws that he is ignorant..that just because he doesn't agree with your politics doesn't make him ignorant...(and he is extremely conservative....so you see I did stick up for the conservatives..actually, I am the only progressive in my family..the rest are conservative Republicans)


politics and religion discussions at family events equals anger and hurt feelings.


next case, step down....just make them all enter the no politics/no religion family zone..its smarter..beats turkeys flying around the room....and I don't mean the relatives..during a food fight over issues...hee hee.


beyond that..keep growing and exploring life...


and know we all have your back...and respect your right to express your rights of free speech and freedom of religion....



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.....like I thought Hemmingway was long-winded



That's an interesting reaction. Like him or not, Hemmingway wrote some of the most economic, direct prose ever. Often that's what his detractors don't like.

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.....like I thought Hemmingway was long-winded



That's an interesting reaction. Like him or not, Hemmingway wrote some of the most economic, direct prose ever. Often that's what his detractors don't like.


LOL well I remember the first time I was reading something by him, I decided I'd just read to the first chapter, I read about a quarter of the stupid book before I realized he didn't HAVE any chapters in this book, just little sections, like you'd usually find within chapters.


Anyway it seemed very long-winded at the time, I kept waiting and waiting for the chapter to end. Also as I recall he droned on about things I wasn't particularly interested in (I.E. everything I've read :P ). I may not be giving him a fair evaluation though, and as I said I'm SURE it really is excellent writing (if fame, reputation, and other people's opinions carry any weight). I just didn't care for his style personally. Also it's been several years since I've read anything by him, so my opinions are based on hazy recollections and not any concrete examples, I just REMEMBER thinking "Is this ever going to end??". Anyway perhaps it was economic, and he just said several short boring things as opposed to one or two long boring things, lol can't really remember. Anyway like I said, he's just not one of my favorites, but I don't dispute his talent, nor mean to detract from other people's opinions of him.

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