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everything is goin' wrong... but we're SO HAPPY!



so, I still don't have my old laptop.


it's been over a week, and I still can't get access to my up-to-date copy of The Things You Fear The Most.




can't get access to my MP3s or tv shows, either.




the repair shop screwed up my order, so now they won't have the part I need until Tuesday of next week.


Gay Gay Gay Gay Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.




it's not all bad, though. I've written about 10,000 words in the past two weeks, so that's pretty cool. if I can maintain even half that output over the next couple of months, I might even get some of these projects finished before my 75th birthday.


not gay.


anyway, I got my first real flame the other day.


sure, I've had constructive criticism before, but this was an actual flame. truth be told, I didn't know how to react. at first, I laughed my ass off, thinking I'd got a really strong reaction from a reader and that it was actually a bit of a compliment. but then I got really, really, really pissed off. how dare this Johnny-come-lately sign up to GA and then leave an insulting review. the funny thing was, the person left the terrible review, deleted it, wrote a much-nicer review, wrote me a PM to apologise for the original review, said they were embarrassed and hopeful that I didn't read the original review, then spat the dummy when I admitted to reading the original review, and left an even nastier bit of a feedback after that.


I mean, come on.


if I take time out of my day to write you a story and then respond to your nasty and childish correspondence, you'd better damn well justify any nasty response that you choose to send back. calling my chapters 'woosey sized' and proclaiming your chapters to be 'man sized' is not a constructive criticism, especially when I take five minutes to view some of your work and am forced to hit the 'back' button because it's so obvious that you haven't proof-read.


that's enough about readers with mood disorders for one day, anyway.


I'm watching heaps of tennis at the moment. they're sooooooooooooooo pretty. and I'm flogging the shit out of Grand Slam Tennis on the Wii. currently hold all major titles, bar the French. stupid French. it's all good, though.


and I'm going out clubbing tonight. it feels weird to call it 'clubbing', but if I said 'I'm going out tonight', you'd be left with the impression that I never leave the house. whether or not that's actually true, I still don't want to leave that impression. but yeah, it's a Wednesday night, and I'm going out.


I remember, back when I was 19-20, we'd go out every Wednesday night. but now that I'm actually thinking about it, I haven't been out on a weeknight since the middle of 2007.


god, I'm so old.


anyway, I'm gonna get back to writing this new story of mine. feedback's been pretty cool so far, although I'm a bit miffed that 300 people would read something and only five would leave any feedback. all I can say is, don't complain to me in five chapters' time.


actually, just don't complain to me at all.







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stop blogging so much its weird i like when you blog less often it punches me harder in the nuts, like when you suck them =D

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this probably deserves a blog of its own, but there was a guy on the roof of the bar last night, threatening to jump!


we're sitting there, smashing our way through happy hour, talking shit, wondering why there's two police vans and 10 cops standing around. then we look up, and there's a guy standing on the ledge! they lured him back and crash-tackled him to safety, but it was still pretty f**ken scary.


in other news: I'm hungover as a motherbitch, listening to The Fratellis, eating a banana, drinking OJ, thinking about streaming Chelsea Lately and considering throwing pants on to go and get cheeseburgers.


mmm... cheeseburgers.


and pants.


pants are good, no?

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You make me laugh. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and sometimes you get a gut reaction and have to write it and then you think about it and reflect on it and feel stupid and then someone points out how stupid you've been so you get angry at being caught being stupid and you react even more stupidly :) I do it all the time.


If you put stuff out there then you are exposing yourself to the whole of the readership and it is their right to respond to it in any way they want. You may want constructive criticism but not everyone who doesn't like your story can specify why and they have as much right to say so as those who just say they love it without being able to say why. You just have to rise about it. You can't please all the people all the time :)


As far as reviews are concerned I have noticed the same thing. Some of my stories have over 10,000 reads on 50 reviews. Of course some of this is explained by the fact that some people come back more than once and so inflate the numbers but the fact is that a lot of people like to read and then don't know what to say. Don't worry hun you've always got at least one reader who will review.

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