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A place to remember site members that are no longer with us.


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  2. NaperVic was one of a kind.! He was one of GA’s most avid readers from early on. If anyone on site had a question about @DomLuka stories, he probably had more knowledge than google. At the time, I believe Dom was one of the most read authors on-site up with @Comicality. The only questions he couldn’t answer were “When is Dom posting the next chapter?” 🤪 Napervic also was an avid runner. Sadly at a young age we lost him as he was preparing for a run and had a fatal heart attack. 😢 Vic was one person to reach out to me when I joined and I’ll be forever grateful to him. He was one of the forces of GA until he passed Make sure you read the blog attached. Hoping he is still running an eternal marathon wherever he is.
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