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Putting forward my silly scribblings!

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Hello... My name is Noelblue, and I'm a pretty new writer, although long term lover of gayauthors.org. (Linked it on my site, if that's okay!)


I would like to put foward my stories, which are on Nifty and on my own website, for consideration to be added to the Gay Authors archives...




Noelblue - Noelblue@gmail.com - www.noelblue.com

Two Stories:

The Groupie - http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/adult-friends/the-groupie/ (But I'd prefer my website! - http://noelblue.com/stories/groupie/01.html)

Creative Employment - http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/adult-frien...ive-employment/ (Website: http://noelblue.com/stories/cremp/01.html)


They are both of ze modern genre


Descriptions: (Tell me if these are too long, just cut and pasted from my site)

The Groupie

Ethan Moeller is a shy and skitterish young artist, aware he is gay but low in self-esteem and inexperienced in sexuality.


Ethan surprises himself when he hooks up with Zane Butler, the charismatic and complicated singer of the indie rock band Snowborne. He now knows he has a weakness for attractive, slightly older men in tight jeans and great boots, and that he'd follow anywhere Zane would ask him to, but is that a good thing?


And what the hell IS Zane thinking? It's always so very hard to tell...


A continuing series!


Creative Employment

Will Merrin has everything one would think a 29-year-old man would want: Looks, health, self-confidence, a fast track career in business and an extremely well-paying job in a bustling East Coast City.


But he's lonely in a new city and over-worked, and is starting to get sick of being celibate. Or at least that's what he tells himself is the reason he starts messing around with his ostensibly 'straight' IT guy.


Tom's hot, charming, and fun to be around, but can't seem to make up his mind what he's doing with both a female fiancee and a gay playmate. Will's usually so very discerning, and too intelligent and savvy to run through such an emotional and mental minefield.


So if he's so damn smart, why can't he stop?


A continuing series!


Story Codes:

Both are: M, Oral, Anal(Eventually, so to be safe!)


Both are in Progress


Thank you very much. :D

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Just getting into The Groupie and like what I see. I should have stuck with your Nifty link though... now you went and made me sign up to Yahoo! Like I needed another thing to keep track of for gosh sakes!


He. I know the feeling well, I do... But thank you for joining!



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Hey NoelBlue!


I'll be adding these to the archive within in the week and will send you a PM letting you know once I have :)






Thank you... I'm honored at the chance to be included here!



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