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Willing to help out?

Are you willing to help pay for Gay Authors?  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Are you willing to help pay for Gay Authors?

    • Yes, I'll send cash anonymously to a PO box.
    • Yes, but I want a special service. (like email or webspace)
    • I would, but I can't afford to.
    • No, I don't think it's worth it.
    • No, I think you should add advertisements instead.

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  • Site Administrator

The cost of running Gay Authors has been going up as we have gotten more successful. While the board is still a little slow, we have a huge amount of traffic visiting our hosted authors, the story archive and our links engine.


I'm happy for our success, but the cost of the site has been going up. While I'll do all I can to keep it open, the monthly cost has been climbing. I finally switched service providers (sort of) to a better, but more expensive plan.

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Hey Myr,


How about giving us an idea what's needed say on a monthly basis?


I don't personally have much spare cash because I'm now permanently off work sick with arthritis, and only get benefits, so I wouldn't be able to afford much. But I'm grateful for a site to host my stories.


But hey guys, if you get as much pleasure as I do from the site, even a little is better than nothing, and a lot of little bits added up, could make all the difference. Even sometimes a bit of "pocket money" or even spare change saved up for a couple of weeks might help?


Just one problem. How do I send money between countries without the cost of doing so swallowing up what spare I have? Anyone with a workable answer let me know.





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Guest sam_lakes

I'm on a very strict budget but I am willing to help as long as it is within my budget. If there are other ways I can help please let me know that too.



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