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Come on all you authors.....

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:D Hey all you writing wizzards out there - where are you? :wacko:


I thought we'd get a flood of seasonal stories by now, from all you budding or seasoned storytellers? Don't tell me you've all gone back in the closet? :lol:


Three days to go guys and galls. Don't let Myr down, please. :huh:

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My story is in editing, as is Comicality's ;)


No one else has informed me if they have one coming or not.

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Hey Craker, :king:

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk :o With everything else going on right now, I forgot about the contest. Just so you all know, I'm currently in Sweden with a good friend who's helping me get back with Rainbow so we can get married (or civily unionized if you choose to be politically correct). :lmao:


I have more access to a computer now so I should be posting on a more regular basis. So lookout everyone, I'm back (well, sorta) :P


Take care :)

Mike :sword:

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