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We talk about pride a lot. I think a non-ego inflaming part of pride is dignity. How do we dignify ourselves? How do we dignify others?


I am not what you expect,

But I am no alternative.

I do not live for the world's approval.


I am dignity.

There is no other.

I am your clearest thoughts.

I am decisive action. I am irrefutable sense.


I am like the gazelle, softly, strongly moving over rough terrain.

As we chase, in great bounds haunches flex and hurl me forward-

Yet in the calm, cool shade, this hide is supple, these steps are light-



I am protective mother, I am fiercer than any storm gale,

My freedom is no lack of duty--

For in me is both abounding action and tender creation.


Plant in me your inspiration, and watch it grow.

And I in turn, will share words that burn your heart,

And reflect your dignity, in turn,

A subtle dance of sophisticated sirens,

Our attraction, embracing all that is natural.



Reaching through every barrier,

Watch your inhibitions fall.

This is your time, your place, your stage.


Wear your dignity with all the ease that a lion carries his mane.

Bear it as part of you like a woman with child.

It will lend you strength and long life,

It will lead you to the prize.



It is Peace without resting,

Confidence without complacency,

Love without necessity,

Beauty expected, yet un-assumed.



Your greatest free ride,

A steed on a quest,

The inner rhythm during dry times of no outer inspiration,

Your thirst quenched on parched desert trails.



Come, drink, and remember this always.



Just a thought-- One Chinese philosophy is that life is made up of an erotic dance between the yin and yang. Another is that the life is made up of a battle between the two opposing forces. Are we fighting those who oppose us? Or making love to them?

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Oh my God, dude! This is amazing! :worship:


Pardon me for gushing, but I found that to be so incredibly moving! So powerful! So beautifully written! I love the unity and strength the piece possesses!


It's also all around an extremely insightful and accurate analysis of Dignity. It really was made all the better by your opening questions and your closing thought completely threw me for a loop. I confess that even after such an awesome piece when I started to read about "yin and yang" I couldn't help but to roll my eyes and brace myself for something I was sure to consider hackneyed...well you completely knocked me on my ass with your fighting/loving question! That part is also extremely thought-provoking, all the more so because it did throw me off kilter.


Just all around fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!



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