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  1. # 23 is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your poems.
  2. I enjoyed all your poems, Valkyrie. # 26 is very beautiful.
  3. Something seems to be going on It will be fascinating to see Strange-looking quicksands We are never quite sure Helter-skelter Rapidly disintegrating It has been increasingly obvious Is the Journal really the Journal at all? * The situation or circumstances Things in general Showed a permanent quality To a great degree That is never found together In reality * It was really different I was aware A half-formed-idea evolving over time A complex with hundreds or a thousand pieces A symphony of lies in a million years There’s no nothing in the eyes of the world It just bodes well at the end of the day * We’ve allowed ourselves to enter a space of unknowing I felt betrayed and was an absolute mess I went into prisons with people who were taking in food There was great turmoil and a strange voice in my head One does not slip into being human With no idea what one’s supposed to be doing Invisibility is a strange feature of the crisis You cannot simply buy a sense of belonging - and I’m grateful for that * 12 hours a day and by the end of it A man stripped down to skimpy underwear I told everyone I was going to give By attacking him with a metal pole I couldn’t wait to share it with the world It was intense and very exhausting Emerging evils of the Upside Down And a loosed arrow pierced a mobile phone * A Man Obsessed I think this is the type of person who was the person that nobody sent Crazed and haunted by the void, buried under inferior minds The night seems to release a little more of our vast backward inheritance Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven It’s different, not less.
  4. Dolores Esteban

    Day 26 - Day 30

    The poems are very good. I read them several times. I think Blue is my favorite, but I like them all.
  5. Pillars of smoke rose from behind the walls They came here around 8:15 p.m. With defeat looming on the horizon Something's amiss in Iridas In the abyss of space The planet dead and the civilization Wiped out, brutally murdered By someone * One of these days With the strength of ten One hundred days in desert sand Hear one thousand screams Ten thousand drums One hundred thousand people perished One million miles away from home One billion children wished you well A trillion tears That no one wants to hear * Outlawed, shamed and persecuted, we cast a shadow Lost in darkness and distance, beneath and above the surface In deathlike grayness and among their mortal remains We witness the clash of cultures * I will unmask you and your kind Something holds the key to your past Bizarre and horrible things have taken place That we will never know about or understand A lingering horror, an epic defeat Goodness, beauty, and grace were The things you killed first * How many times, the shadows asked, must we Rest beneath the surface and in the absence of light Whose nature we cannot imagine until dawn will Allow us to perceive with our own eyes events over Which we have control and that change our lives? * Blurred lines The memory of another time Another place Legend The old celestial city Submerged patterns of letters Arrows and lines Tears pricked their eyes The past and the present The symbol of the serpent Sacred artifact Bottom line * Ophion said Let’s resurrect The City of God In the heavens * Outside the Gates of Cerdes In the abyss of space One million A.D. A glimpse of future days
  6. Dolores Esteban

    Day 21 - Day 25

    Doubt withers everything to dust. I love this line.
  7. Dolores Esteban

    Day 11 - Day 15

    I like all the poems. Azure Perimeter is my favorite, though, weird but striking a chord.
  8. I lile all your poems. 11 is my favorite. I could see everything very clearly. The man with the Buddha belly has haunted me at work several times. I actually saw him this morning on my way to the office.
  9. Your poems are definitely very good.
  10. Glad you liked the poems. I'm slowly getting back to writing. Couldn't fully move my right arm for months. Thanks for your comments.
  11. Outside the Gates of Cerdes In the abyss of space There was something strange One million A.D. * A lucent star in the abyss of space A voyage through vortex scapes And ancient plays unfold The serpent tower up in the hills At the gates of wisdom The serpent’s crown shall be bestowed * Dawn breaks forth in the far east The twin stars give a sense of direction The forest trees are saying: Morning star, son of dawn, Ophion, sovereign of Meru and Charioteer of the sun, Delve into the unknown In the vast open areas crimson and golden rays Shining in the first dawn light and unlimited by space Dawn breaks forth in the far east Birds are flying from their resting place Ophion, son of the dawn, delves into the unknown * Flickering sun Renders your vision The flame of wisdom Great in power Time and space are all one Where is the sun? * The sun crawls in the ashes The sun's underground Let the sun sleep The son of the morning Writhes for rebellion * Standing on the edge of reason Behold the face of doom On cold landscapes of ghostly substance The dragons rise from the sea of flames * Ophion, Charioteer of the sun Just like the angel that fell You never looked so sane Transparent to the world
  12. Tales of the Old World Canopy of leaves Sunlight bleeding through the trees Trees ancient and tall Yellow small flowers Green vines wind over the wall Untouched and pure world Lush bushes and ferns Droplets of water on leaves Air humid and cool A rushing river Pond hedged by trees with gnarled roots Blue and dark the water Sacred place of the world A temple amidst the green The secret of old Patanjali sees The greyish bark of a tree The passage of time Silent sound of the wind A whispering in the leaves Ananta Shesha * Ottava Rima Lush green vine is winding over the wall Small yellow flowers curl around the trees The sunlight is bleeding through the trees tall Amidst the lush green Patanjali hears The Infinite One, holy Shesha’s call: His Word write down, the truths and certainties Of days ahead and of the time that passed When time stands still, the Endless One will last * Ananta Shesha Foreseeing the destruction of Earth Mentioned two pillars One with a bull and the other with a lion On the house of the Lord Ophion, the great serpent Set up the two pillars In the primordial garden The pillars of the sons of Seth Kept the earth and the sky apart * Rhyme Royal Small yellow flowers curl around the trees Lush green vine is winding over the wall And sunlight is bleeding through the green leaves Amidst the lush green Patanjali hears: His Word write down, the truths and certainties Of days ahead and of the time that passed When time stands still, the Endless One will last * The Path of the Lion He walked the ancient path of the lion The path of the kings, the path of the lords Built in the old days by serpent Ophion According to myth, according to lore The lion looked east to the rising sun Behold, the Lord said, this is the first day Ananta uncoiled and time had begun And the void lit up in a vibrant ray * Spenserian Stanza Lush green vine is winding over the wall Small yellow flowers curl around the trees The sunlight is bleeding through the trees tall And droplets of water on the green leaves Amidst the lush green Patanjali hears: The secrets of time, of future and past His Word write down, old truths and certainties Of days ahead and of the time that passed And when the time stands still, the Endless One will last * Two sacred pillars in the house of God Creating the patterns of space and time One column with a winged sun on the top And one with two serpents intertwined * Untamed World It’s a nonindustrial world Take the case of a monk, a forest-dweller The monk who began the forest tradition Monks have retreated into the depths of the forests Old-growth forests Untamed animal worlds * Kavi Bharati Kavi Bharati has composed the songs With his powers of magic In a hermitage on Mount Kunjara Where the roots of centuries-old trees Snake through broken walls that are Decorated by garlands It was almost dawn An earthquake shook towns During the hours of worship Kavi Bharati was stumbling out His hands pressed over his eyes There was nothing Kavi Bharati, the poet and composer Not afraid of the night Drove away mighty serpents And chased demons away With his powers of magic He set the skies aflame Red rays of light, epithet of dawn
  13. I liked everybody's thoughts. Thanks for featuring the questions and answers. AC Benus 20 Poetry Prompts are actually a good start for exploring poetry. I tried them all and learned about new poetry forms.
  14. Dolores Esteban


    I can tell it was a difficult challenge. You actually managed to write several long sentences and a whole story. Well done!
  15. Dolores Esteban

    Yule Tide

    Thank you. I wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. 🎁
  16. Yule Tide Look up at the sky The night dressed in black and Put on a wreath of stars The stars shine so bright Nym, the Elf Prince, wears A crown of gold on his hair Round a grand white star A wreath of green leaves Donned with a red bow And a neat sprig of green White pearls and bells Glint and gleam through the haze Draped in veils and fine clouds It’s Yule Tide in space Blessed is the time The night dressed in black and Put on a wreath of stars Look up at the sky Nym, the Elf Prince, fares The sky in a great gilt bark
  17. I don't have a science background. I simply love reading science articles and books. I read them all the time, so it's not actually research for a story.
  18. Thanks for featuring my story. I hope you enjoy it.
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