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In chapter 68 GETAWAYS of Circumnavigation


Officers Fowler and Grundig in Officalise.


Below is a real life example. Do you have an example


From http://londonreconnections.blogspot.com/2011/02/status-of-underground-upgrades.html

A full transcript of the exchange is provided below for the sake of completeness, but those who would prefer a short version can skip straight to the summary below it.

Richard:(city councilman) The Mayor himself spoke at Mansion House - what two or three weeks ago? - about the potential for driverless trains, so tell us, Mike, can I ask you to say, from your position - what is the scope for the driverless train and indeed TfL obviously must be supportive of the research of this for the Mayor, as the Mayor has said it as the Chairman of TfL. Can you give us your view on the scope for driverless trains?


Mike:(Head of Underground) I think, Chair, if I may, that the reality is that all the new trains we're currently procuring and which are arriving in London for the Victoria Line and on the Subsurface Lines do have train cabs where a driver would live. So my absolute focus is to ensure delivery and operability of those trains in the best way possible and aligned with the new signalling systems.


Clearly if you look in the wider part of my domain now and look at DLR and other parts of the system there are examples where different solutions have been proposed and indeed have operated...


Richard: In Many parts of the world.


Mike: ...And in many parts of the world. I think where I come from in this is put very simply - I think that the role and confidence that comes in having a properly trained and fully fledged member of staff on our trains throughout the underground network - the confidence it brings to passengers, the ability to keep things moving if things might get delayed, dealing with passenger issues and safety issues - is really important. So I think any debate on this going forward as to what we might do, hypothetically, and in a future train procurement process has to have that very much in the centre of our thinking and I will do so.

Or to summarise:

Richard: Is it possible to have driverless trains on the Underground?


Mike: No.

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