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  1. Red_A

    Return of the jerk

    Welcome back, I Missed you.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-37819712
  3. "The First Time I Saw Your Face" as performed by Peggy Seeger was written by her lover Ewen MacColl (James Henry Miller) for her. Years latter Ewen MacColl said that it was addressed to Peggy Seeger as a love song to her as she was in the USA and he was in the United Kingdom. Although written for Her to perform, I always hear Ewen when I listen to Peggy Seeger, as it was deliberately written for either or both to sing, although I have never heared Ewen sing it, and although it is listed on records as Ewen performing, it is always Peggy.
  4. The Royal Free Hospital is a London Hospital, which was located in Gray's Inn Road just outside the city. It is now located in the north of london in newish buldings a stone throw away from Hampstead Heath It was one of the great medical schools of London. It does still teach but so do all the others.
  5. Red_A

    Rip: Trebs

    RIP you did many good things on and off the site
  6. Category 5 Is the one for me. The description of the physical elements were so real, the cliff jumping exactly as Yonathan did it in the Canaries. It is a must!
  7. Red_A


  8. https://www.gayauthors.org/author/thezot
  9. Red_A

    Flight 370

    GPS is already fitted on 80% of aircraft and the going rate to have that data record by Imarstat (Internationa maritime Statalite comunications ) is 10 to 20 dollars a flight. * Satellite Internet - download current status to Airline Cloud computers The capability is there for the majority of flights, it is a matter of actually agreeing (politically and otherwise) * Buoy the black box for ping transmission Not feasible, the two black boxes are built like brick shithouses, and weight a ton, and situated in the tail of the aircraft for maximum protection, the boxes will sink with no acess to any attached buoy. * black box storage upgrade to 20hrs recording This is already happening, as in all things in the aircraft industry it is being done with new unit having longer time but existing devices are not upgraded until repair or replacement. * black box battery for 12 months I may be wrong but this is not currently mandated, however the the newer units do actually have a longer battery life than specified. However, nobody actual knows what it is. The only way is to run tests which take time and are only indicative. As they are not mandated nobody in their right mind is willing to quote.
  10. Red_A

    Circumnavigation Epilogue

    Many readers may not realize that C J is a real world traveler and has been to all, or nearly all, the places he writes about. I have spent a lot of time sailing around the Med especially the Eastern Side and only once did he make a mistake. as he had been to all the places except one. He has also been to nearly all of the other places in the story. In fact he has a cameo role in one.
  11. Red_A

    Flight 370

    Australia long range radar is based in the centre of Australia and is over the horizon radar. Its true capability is not know. And by its nature is a statistical based system. That is although it is reported to be able to detect aircraft and ships 5000km away. It may only see them for part of the time, for say 5mins in every hour or when the atmospheric conditions are right. For ship and boats, this is not a problem as they do not move fast. The radar is also directed north, and although there are interesting side lobes and back lobes, ie South west towards Atlantis or the alleged positon of flight 370. The aircraft suggested path is on the edge of the Australian radar. Whether Australia radar saw it, a phantom or post mathematical treatement of the radar data indicated possible contact, you guess is a good as mine or indeed the Australian Radar People. Since in the recent past boats have turned up at Christmas Island (3500km) unannouced, it is fair to say that increased radar detection is being sought.by the Australians.
  12. Congratulation a well deserved promotion
  13. Red_A

    HMS Valiant

    It is interesting that the Magnanime and Anson ( the other razees) were not as well received, nor as successful. that I think is one of the most interesting question of the naval wars. It may be:--- Rubbish in rubbish out The crew and particularly the master ship wright that converter her. The captain that commanded her. Rubbish in rubbish out, Indeflagible was a razeed Ardent class ship of the line, the others were Intrepid class ship of the line. Indeflagible may have been in good condition when she was converted, the others may have been not so good. I believe all three were built in different places. The crew and particularly the master ship wright that converter her. The instruction was to razee the ship. That left a lot of scope for the converter and the skill of the convertor(s). Did they have previous knowledge of the French doing this, did they have details of how the ship being converted was built. I believe that the Indeflagible was converted before actual sevice (years uncommissioned). I have no way of checking this as I no longer have a Greenwich readers ticket, but it is possible that Indedefligible was the third in the process by a crew that new her when she was originaly fitted out. The captain that commanded her. Sir Edward Pellow was definately a good captain, but so were the other captains of Indefligible and the other ships. It may be that Sir Edward style matched the ship, and once the ship was run in, following captain would continue in that style. It is now 200 years ago, so no body will know. With that catch, it is reported (rumour no facts) that the other two although they had a better performance than ship of the lines(as you would expect), Indefligible was better and much more like a pure frigate performance. Whatever is said, the conversion of all three ships were a sucess as the basic design of a light built ship of the line was unsucessful, and a frigate was much more useful, and in demand.
  14. Red_A


    The piture labelled Valiant is of HMS Indefatigable which was a razeed(cut down) 64 gun third rate ship of the line[three decks] into a 44gun(mainly carronades) fifth rate frigate[two decks]. Probably the most sucessful frigate of the War. She was sucessful because of her gun power was more powerful than other frigates and her sailing ability. She is know for being captained by Sir Edward Pellow, who handled her very sucessfully(before 1800) and for her joint capture of the Spainish Gold fleet. The spainish fleet was detained during a peace interval and the cargo (several years of income from South America) was in todays value tens of billion of pounds. This did not go as prze money but went to the Admiralty. Prize money only covered war prizes. The picture is quite famous but I cannot remember the artist. HMS Valiant of this time was a 74 gun thirrd rate ship of the line[three decks] So I would suggest a valiant cruise on a not very profitable ship?

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