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An Awesome Father

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I just read this pretty great story about a father who is sticking up for his 5-year old son, who likes to wear dresses, by walking around in skirts in their small German town. In doing so, he's helping his son see that there's nothing wrong with it, and that the son should feel free to express himself instead of cowering to bullies.

Dad protects son from bullies by Wearing A Skirt

What an awesome dad for doing this for his son. I really liked the message of this- if you have a child who falls outside the norm, you should try and celebrate that, rather than trying to shame them into falling in line. I wish more parents could do that, instead of trying to fit their kids into molds determined by contemporary social mores.

It's a nice change of pace from the stories about parents rejecting their kids for being GLBTQ, don't you think?

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I think the skirt looks good on him ( :o ), red skirts and green tops make me think of Christmas.


His son could be just curious about dresses, we won't know if he likes boys or girls, or if he wants to like boys or girls as a girl... You get what i mean, until early puberty.


It's nice that his dad did that.

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