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Because, I said so.

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Hey Bran,


Just giving you a poke, poke....when are you gonna update?????

Wow! I didn't even see that you had posted here.


Soon as i can Lisa. Just having someone look over a bit of work ;). Once I get all of the little kinks sorted out I'll be posting it up. I hope to get more regular as the school year comes to an end.

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Haha, no problem! I usually never look at my profile feed or anything, so I never know when anyone comments or whatnot. =)


So.....the school year ending, huh? Isn't that in June? Or May for colleges? lol That's still quite a ways off. lol


But no worries; your faithful readers will just have to wait.......


And it's only b/c your story is so good that I'm bugging you about updating. I never bother the authors whose stories suck. :)

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