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  1. “Who the hell’s room is this?” This singular thought penetrated the haze in my mind. The booming of a headache coming on reminded me that I had been out the night before. I opened one eye groggily and sighed heavily. “Good lord… why do I constantly do things like this to myself?” Another piercing thought that hit me like a dart in my mind’s eye. Or was that the beginning of a hangover? I wasn’t completely sure at this point. Pulling my face away from the pillow I cautiously rol
  2. {This is a standalone piece.} A mysterious love letter leads a man on a road to self-discovery.
  3. A bit late to the party—but I'll weigh in anyway. 😚 Growing up, and in school, said was always considered over-used and boring. Teachers would also then tell us to steer away from making the mistake of trying to replace said with something that usually was out of place or disrupted the flow of a dialogue. I remember being told by my grade 11 English teacher, 'If your reader has to go find a dictionary to look up the meaning of what you're trying to convey then it's a not going to be useful to you." On the contrary, a peer of mine in college that often paired off with me to editing of each other's stories and such once said this to me and it made me think. "You often just say things like said, said, said. Are they just monotone when they speak? Breathe some life into the conversation! Don't let your characters become flat." So my advice is to do whatever you feel is most comfortable. Using said can be a great way to get through dialogue quickly when there is no need to be flowery. But every now and then surprise them! Give them some salt and pepper and throw a flowery word in there. I feel as if when I do dialogue if I first use said and then read it later and try to pick up on the nuanced emotions that I want to convey, but it feels lackluster, you gotta break out that bouquet and give those scenes some TLC. Even if you don't replace the word said, throw in a spicy adjective. "She spoke to him tenderly, he said with exasperation." Bottom line: you do you! Make it your own. 💗 Edit: cute little faces heehee
  4. Happy Birthday to you! Have a good one!

  5. Happy B-day, Bran! I hope you're having an awesome day! :)

  6. Branflakes

    A Ride Home

    Great start to a story. The characters interactions felt so real and relaxed, not forced toward some end-point. I like (as everyone has been saying) the subtlety of your story. It's nice to be reading and be surprised and not--as we all have a habit of doing--knowing, or anticipating what will happen. It is nice and refreshing, the setting is described well. And i like the little details thrown in there, they make it more real. Looking forward to reading much more.
  7. Yay! New story in the works. :)

  8. If you like slower games, Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland or A Wonderful Life are pretty good. Raise animals, fall in love, etc. Pretty decent. Kingdom Hearts is a good series, pretty easy to get into the storyline. Radiata stories is a pretty good RPG-type game if you like knights and castles. If you like JRPGs, Tales of the Abyss is really good.
  9. Season’s Call The air was cold and dry; the temperature was a chilly -20 degrees Celsius. The last snowfall had dumped quite a bit on this small town in eastern Ontario. The trees, mostly barren, were covered with a heavy dusting of frost and snow. Old Man Winter was back, and he was here to play his part once again. A few evergreens were leaning over; almost as if they were bowing down to salute his presence. They groaned a low, desperate wail under the weight. A thundering wail so indesc

  11. After a long ass break... I think I'm ready to start writing again. Life seems to be at that overwhelming stage again. So, what do I turn to? Writing!

    1. C J

      C J

      Writing is good. :) Just balance it with reading!

    2. Ashi


      Cool. :) And hello.

  12. Lol, prepare for a long list. -Tales of ... Series (specifically Symphonia) -Final Fantasy (Tactics Advance, X, X-2, XIII, XIII-2) -Digimon (loved Rumble Arena 2, and I had about 3 Digivices) -Kingdom Hearts (I haven't played 358/2, coded or DDD yet) < #3 fave -Pokemon (All of them.. totally want to get Pokemon X) -Civilization (Loved 2 and jumped to 5.) - Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross < #1 fave -Yu-Gi-Oh! (The GBA and the PSX versions) -Harvest Moon (I have the PSX one, the GBA ones, AWL, AnWL, MM, RF(2), SI, and just bought A New Beginning! < #2 fave -The Sims -Naruto (GCN games) -Dragon Ball Z -Legend of Zelda -Donkey Kong -Super Mario
  13. I remember watching Resident Evil a while back. They are okay movies (I haven't played the games) but to me, it didn't seem like there was much to be confused about. What I mean for example is in Super Mario Bros., the story was completely wacky! A good movie, but had I not been a gamer and knew the storyline from the game, I would have been so lost because they missed explaining SO much. Another movie from a game (again, haven't played the games) was Silent Hill. A bit of a mind bender to me, but it was alright. Lastly, the best movie I have seen was Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. A lot of people give this movie crap because it had no meaning towards the games and hardly any "real" FF storyline. (AKA no real magic so to speak, and a lot of key elements that FF has in their games). Truth be told if they had knocked the "Final Fantasy" off of the title, it would have been fine as a stand-alone film.
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