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Need Help On Finding An Old Story


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Hey and thanks for reading this.


So, I'm trying to find a story about a high school boy who meets a guy. The guy's dad is a lawyer I believe. I think they met in the hospital because the high school boy got disowned by his father. And the the guy is Roman Catholic and with the celibacy going on.  I believe that the guy's dad adopted the high school boy.


(Sorry, I don't remember their names because it's been like 2 years ago)


And thanks again for reading this.


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It sounds like a story called The Light.  This is the link to it on Nifty, the author also posts to Wordpress, but they have now made wordpress private requiring a login .  http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/young-friends/the-light


Though from memory the Catholic boy doesn't come into the story until about chapter 40, when one boy is donating a kidney to his brother.

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