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Cilla Black

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Cilla Black has died. She was a major British pop star in the 60s starting out in The Cavern Club with The Beatles and sharing the same manager, Brian Epstein.

She then became a much loved entertainer on TV - what we call a "national treasure" :)

In 1968 she asked Paul McCartney to write a song for her to sing on her new TV show - "Step Inside Love" was a massive hit


R.I.P. Cilla






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We can see a star, at night, for decades and centuries even after it died... The blossom of real stars is same like that, we will remember them till we live...


R I P Cilla Black.....

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is she realated to Sirius Black? :P:evil:


I think Cilla would have been one of the first to laugh at that!


She was a Liver Bird (liver as in diver, not river). Over here, it's a girl from Liverpool. It was when Brits discovered that people who didn't live in London, and had weird accents, made much better entertainers!

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