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  1. if it’s rabbit pie it’s mine! *SNATCH!*
  2. 🎶 Driving along in my automobile 🎶

    🎶 Swerved ‘n’ missed a little baby rabbit 🎶

    🎶 What’d I do if I’d hit it? 🎶

    🎶 Would it have made me laugh or cry? 🎶

    🎶 Oh no, baby baby! 🎶

    🎶 Would’ve popped it in a pie! 🎶

    🎶 Yeah, yeah, yeah 🎶 :evil:

    *sung tunelessly and horribly* :gikkle:


    1. clochette


      You're a horrible person and I love you :gikkle:

    2. Slytherin


      Rabbit pie? Sounds awful! Bad Zombie :P

  3. You better watch out my Uncle Fester is very partial to penguins… boiled penguins
  4. Green!!! Fork-it/stick-it (stab! stab! stab! ) or fingers?
  5. remarkable success of the minions’ penguin propaganda promoting cute ‘n’ cuddly lies when the truth is the exact opposite: cunning critters, snap-attacking innocent creatures stealing their treasure and plotting global hegemony btw this is mine
  6. spots stealing opportunity checks no thieves around
  7. expect the penguin to deploy its pitiful pirate platoon soon
  8. then little bear can rest …where she can’t get up to no good
  9. maybe there’s a clue in every post where the bear swears she’s up to no good?
  10. is that the bear plotting something bad?
  11. shiny new brain …wants the shiny Crown *SNATCH!!!*
  12. nice late summer evening here

    people out for walks…


    …noses glued to iPhones

    I don’t get it :unsure:


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Zombie


      yes except for other walkers, eyes fixed on screens, nearly shoving me in the cut :angry:  :funny:


    3. Zombie


      it just struck me as sad that on such a lovely day people preferred the artificial screen world to the lovely natural world all around them

    4. Slytherin


      I totally agree and all the colours in the nature right now are so lovely. I love the autumn :) 

  13. rain *got the umbrella * spring or autumn?
  14. Ice hockey ice cream or cream cake?
  15. greedy bear the shiny is the fly’s for the day to compensate for that nasty neighbour chopping up bodies in the attic
  16. GREEN!!! Fingers or forks (the last one )
  17. hey I’m innocent! blame the bear, her choice but, yeah, oh yeah baby! *gets on up* …papa’s got a brand new bag
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