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Underrated #5 - Conor Maynard


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While the 'Justin Bieber' train was taking off and going strong, every single young male pop star with a pretty face was instantly compared to his success and expected to follow suit. But there were a LOT of real talents that were, unfortunately, written off without being given a chance. This...is one of them...


To be totally honest, with a little more exposure, this cute UK singer could easily slide into Justin Timberlake's spot if he really wanted to! With a wide vocal range and the ability to make crossover songs for days, it's surprising that he hasn't gotten even bigger than he already is! No worries, Conor! Comsie is cheering for ya! I've been listening for a few YEARS now, dude! :P






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Sometimes talent never gets attention. And now I'd say talent never need attention.



***I don't wanna say this, but I can't resist***


If he had been American singer, he'd have got that attention...

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I honestly don't think the jury is out on Conor! I mean, it's taken much longer than it should have, but he's still raising eyebrows with everything that he does! And I still think he's going to make it! Just takes time. :)

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