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Chuck Berry 1926-2017

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Another legend is gone!  RIP, Chuck, and thanks for the great memories.  The movie Back to the Future wouldn't have been the same if Marty McFly didn't have your act to copy.  

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I wonder if there is pattern here, that the three of us in this thread (so far) are all sexagenarians? Maybe, we have been around the longest to appreciate what this great artist accomplished. There is no doubt that Chuck Berry inspired  generations of talented artists that we know of today. He lived a long life, doing what he loved to do, right up till the end. How many of us can say the same.


Bill, I agree that B.T.T.F. brought back memories(all good ones). But if there is one song of his that I think everyone knows, or has at least heard, at some point in their lives. It is this one. It  allows me to close this post with a smile and fond thoughts of the man we just lost.

Chuck Berry - My Ding-A-Ling (1972) - YouTube

R.I.P Chuck Berry

1926 - 2017






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