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  1. Daddydavek


    Thanks for a quick read which added a little joy to my day!
  2. @TetRefine Glad you didn't have to go to the hospital! The Covid-D variant is notorious for putting out huge amounts of virus and that large viral load is the reason for the increasing number of breakthrough infections and why the CDC recommends masks and social distancing even for the vaccinated in hotspots. However, I'm surprised at the large percentage of your friends who have been infected and glad none of them got seriously ill.
  3. From a mediocre team from April through August, the Cardinals have become the hottest team in baseball with a 5 game lead for the last wildcard spot in the playoffs based on their current winning streak of 12 in a row!

    Go Cards!

    Lets Go Yes GIF by MLB

  4. Thinking of my dad, who would have been 101 today.

  5. Daddydavek

    Chapter 22

    Very nice solution and neatly done. Will is certainly expeditious and ingenious in his generousity.
  6. My wife came home from the hospital on Wednesday to begin six weeks of intravenous antibiotic therapy. She is unable to bear any weight on her left lower extremity so transfers to the transport chair, the bed or toilet are hazardous. I'm therefore very busy.

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    2. chris191070


      Hope your wife has a speedy recovery 

    3. clochette


      A speedy recovery to her and a big :hug:for you

    4. Slytherin


      I hope she gets well soon :) 

  7. Daddydavek

    Chapter 21

    Will opening up to Falco with such private details about one of the most distressing times in his life, is uncharacteristic. He must be really responding to Johnny's story.....and looks.
  8. My wife had a procedure yesterday...so I'm at the hospital to keep her company for the next few days.

  9. TUDAY Tom urgently delivered a yolk WNDAY
  10. Daddydavek

    Chapter 1

    It maybe went easier than either the brothers or the readers expected, but I thought they'd either kill each other or get back together. I'm glad they didn't over react.
  11. CONDO Charlie obtained Nick's dildo on MNDAY
  12. HORSE Harry often reacts seriously embarrassed FLUSH
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