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My Precious! X Box One X Project Scorpio Edition


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Honestly, not that interested in getting one myself.  I haven't read up on the specs, but I'm not overly concerned.  Gaming consoles are attempting to follow the mobile phone technique by releasing more "minor" upgrades to that generation's console.  However, games have to be designed to work on the current generation to cover the broader audience.  While they may be optimized for the newest versions, they can't be marketed as "for the XBOX One" without being built for the base consoles.  There can be features added that extend beyond what the base machines can do (VR, 4K, etc.), but I can't see the experience being that much better on the newer version of either console.


So personally, as cool as these upgraded versions can be, I'm not going to be going out to buy one.  I'll keep my standard XBOX One & PS4 haha.

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Well... since I have the top of the line 4k TV already and my xbox one can realllllllllly chug at times, I think the upgrade is worth it :)

but to each their own :)

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