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  1. This is pretty much what I've been hoping for. A single-player campaign set in one of my favorite universes of all time. Although I love the Old Republic era, I think this could be fun (though I'm curious if you can progress towards the Dark Side or if it's a pure hero game). Either way, I'm really hoping they do well here. I've liked what I've played from Respawn (a lot of the original Titanfall & a bit of Apex), and the founders were from one of my favorite eras of Infinity Ward, which was during the MW period. While EA does generally make me nervous, hopefully they don't botch this one too badly. A lot of recent titles have been disappointing (Fallout 76 & Anthem having mediocre launches). But hey, maybe a dedicated campaign can be sorted out better than a constantly online game. Here's hoping! Probably won't preorder it, but it's not like that puts a player at a disadvantage compared to those who had the game from Day 1.
  2. Acid07

    Chapter 40

    Been enjoying getting to read these updated versions as they get released. Hope to someday see a new story in this universe, but not upset to have an excuse for rereading this story for the umpteenth time!
  3. I honestly can't say I have a major preference at this point. I usually buy games on Xbox & PS4 depending on where friends plan to play. Recently that's mainly been on PS4, so I have mainly been on that, but my (paid) game library is fairly balanced between the two. Never owned a gaming pc, but in my very limited experience I'm not a very good keyboard/mouse player.
  4. I'm not sure if you're familiar with SCUF, but their Vantage controller is very similar to an Xbox layout. They also have additional paddles that you can map on the back of the controller. They aren't cheap by any stretch, but might be worth checking out if your biggest complaint with PS4 is their controller style. I know there are other 3rd party controllers as well, but I'm not overly familiar with the market. I still haven't played this game, but will probably pick it up at some point...
  5. I've been enjoying going back through and reading the rewritten version (because I hadn't read it enough times haha). While I loved the original and thought it was amazing as it was, the extra details added in the editing have helped to enrich what was already one of my favorite reads. Looking forward to the last act of the story, as well as anything we may see in this universe in the future!
  6. While gaming companies have tried to innovate and still draw in players, recent years have featured the rise of Battle Royale. PUBG & Fortnite drew much of the early attention, with the newest addition being EA/Respawn's Apex Legends. These offer a rather different take than previous models, and feel much closer to mobile mindsets than traditional console games. The free to play + micro-transactions to get things system has dominated mobile gaming for as long as that's been a thing. However, by making most of it cosmetic-based, it does keep the playing field fairly simple (at least in Apex, but I didn't try any before then). Like mobile gaming, these play on the few spending massive amounts, as well as the casual "what's a few bucks here and there" type players to make up for the lack of an initial price tag. Anyone have any thoughts on the rise of these games? I find it to be an interesting model to change, but it seems to be working (and with some major AAA titles floundering, it's not like it's simply all video games doing well). Do you all love them? Hate them? Ignore them? I'm late to the game since I never looked at these in the past, but I can see some of the draw. Just curious what others' experiences have been.
  7. Considering Skyrim is STILL (unfortunately) the most recent standard RPG in elder scrolls, I would highly recommend it. It was popular enough that they redid it for the new generation of console...and then VR...and then, I'm sure there's something they'll redo it for haha. If you liked the Dragon Age games, it's a very in-depth option that will play for ages. If you like sci-fi style, the Mass Effect series remain one of my favorite sets of games (they have "bionics" that are similar to mage play). Karpyshyn, who did a lot of writing for Bioware including KOTOR, was the lead writer on this. If you like to dabble in shooters, The 3x COD Modern Warfare games remain one of my favorite stories for a shooter series (which I know may seem strange since shooter games having stories seems odd, but my nostalgia at least still remembers it as great).
  8. I've been keeping my eye on it, but it has been disappointing to hear about thus far. The streamers have had some decent material, but overall, not sure the game is at a point that I'm interested yet. Lots of load time and glitches really slow down the ability of the game to make its way in the RPG world. I didn't preorder it, but I will give it a shot at some point. A bit of a shame that so many games that were in the pipeline have ended up fairly disappointing. Fallout's move to online (and we all saw how that went), as well as this endeavor makes me miss the days of a pure RPG to buy. I have to hope that those style games make a resurgence at some point...
  9. I'm not a fan of either team, but I would like to see the juggernaut add one more ring to add yet another chapter to the greatest pairing in football. There are growing cracks in the unity that has dominated the last 18 years in New England. Win or lose, I think there's a solid chance that there will be some change by next year. I respect Bellichick as one of the best football minds in my lifetime and would like to see him get one more before the end. I also have no love for Philadelphia. Some of it may be exaggerated, but their fans have earned their place as being highly antagonistic towards others (and their own) over the years. In the end, I have no personal investment in this one. I hope for a good game and would generally prefer a Patriots win, but won't be bothered if that doesn't happen.
  10. Your opponent had one heck of a lineup. Gurley & Kamara were a great fantasy RB duo (one that I used as well hehe). Add in Brown and that would be a great trio (until Brown got hurt). Looking back on the original post, Gurley out-performed pretty much everyone in there and will likely be considered a high draft option next season unless something happens between now and then (though Bell had a great season too). There were also solid years from some veterans like McCoy & Ingram. It definitely turned out to be an interesting season. Rookies emerged (Kamara, McCaffrey, Fournette, Hunt, Cohen) and others looked great before injury (Watson, Cook). The juggernaut offense in New Orleans made stars out of Thomas, Ingram, and Kamara. Injuries hit draft favorites hard, with Johnson and Beckham going down fairly early (and Brown late in the season). Lynch didn't look awful coming out of retirement, but Cutler didn't do much with his return. Luck sat out the season and the remaining Manning got benched. Then again, the NFL season has been an interesting one, even as ratings took a hit. The Eagles looked impressive under Wentz. The Rams and, probably more notably, the Jaguars put together impressive season. As the regular season wraps up, I look forward to seeing the playoffs this year. Game time!
  11. I think that "It is very very South Park" might be the best summation I can imagine of what the game looks like. I can't say that it's on my play list (at least not until it's fairly discounted), but there's something fascinating about a franchise that has mocked almost anything it can. I'm not sure if the game can maintain its relevance like the show (which can create episodes so quickly that it can touch on major issues while they're still headlines), but that won't likely stop it from having some cringeworthy (and if no one knows you're laughing, hilarious) moments.
  12. I've been playing it a good bit. The story is decent, but having to play it for each character got old partway into the 2nd round. I definitely have no intention of doing the "meditations" after playing the entire thing 3 times. Unfortunately, going from a game that was up and running for several years (and all of the expansions) to a base level limits how much there is to do. Didn't play Destiny 1 until later in its life, so never experienced it at the basic shell level. I look forward to the first expansion in December (I think). I like that you don't have to grind for tons of random resources, but the farming did keep you active. Nowadays it's play until the weekly reset and then go after the powerful engrams again. One of my characters is max level and the other two are 1 item away from it. Once I get that final item on those, I have no idea what I'll do. It also seems kinda pointless since I assume the light cap will rise for each expansion. Overall, I'd call it enjoyable. I've played it for almost 2 months at this point, but definitely look forward to having more to do. There are some elements that feel like a downgrade from D1, but nothing that forced me to put the controller down.
  13. I know this thread can be outlandish, but I think we went a bit too far. Like there's actually such a thing as too many beers...
  14. I believe the shiny needs some new blood holding onto it. *Drain the swamp*
  15. I guess I'll have to defrag the shiny. Or is a disk cleanup more appropriate?
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