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  1. Acid07

    Chapter 50

    Finally got the time to read the final chapters of the rewrite. Like all of the other updates that were made, they really helped flesh out what was already an excellent base. Kudos to you both for undergoing such a thorough project of updating what was already an awesome story without taking away any of the original feeling. No complaints on getting to read an enhanced version all over again. The bits including Trevor a bit more (even though he's often away from the main story), as well as fleshing out some of the other Alphas at the congress (especially the pair's main friends) stuck out to me as positives in the last bit, but the whole story was a great reread. I'm still left curious about who was betraying Dorian though haha. Heck, maybe I should start over Probably read the second story first though... Anyway, thanks for making such a great universe to enjoy!
  2. It all comes down to what I'm looking for when I choose to buy a new game. I absolutely love a good single player game (especially RPGs). I also enjoy the social aspect of working with a few friends to beat a game. I don't usually go for multiplayer PVP, but enjoy being able to team up with friends for PVE (though I will admit to playing a decent amount of Apex Legends which is purely PVP). I'd never played the Borderlands games before, but this one is pretty fun. And it has a character that reminds me of the Biotics from Mass Effect, so that's a plus haha. Considering how much I've played other shooters, it fits my trend as of late. Star Wars will very likely be one of my next ones (so ready for that).
  3. I contemplated this game when I saw some of the trailers for it. Most of my friends got Borderlands though, so ended up following suit. Apparently I cave into peer pressure easily & also can't resist looter shooters. But at least it's pretty fun haha.
  4. So much fun in there. Though considering that I'm running original release consoles, even the elite/pro versions of the current generation have nicer specs than what I'm running now haha. I do think it'll be curious how they differentiate themselves this round when so many of the initial release info seems comparable. Xbox One was a much better media center than PS4, but who knows what they'll do this round. E3 2020 (among other conferences) should be quite a showcase...
  5. I feel like pipedream might be an exaggeration. Given what Microsoft is already saying Scarlett will do (8K/120fps), I think they'd have a rather large fallout if they completely recanted on the things they announced at E3. And if they didn't think it would be feasible to build, I can't imagine they'd be rushing to announce a console when Sony hasn't yet. Now, whether game developers are utilizing it at launch is another story, but I feel like a downgrade from the early promises would not go over well, forcing Microsoft to build a machine capable of what they've announced. And I'd expect the new Halo title, which is set to be the big launch title, stands a chance to be one they use to showcase whatever they can.
  6. Although I put more time in on my PS4, I definitely prefer the way an Xbox controller handles (so much so that I spent almost the same amount on my SCUF that feels like an Xbox controller as I did the console itself haha). I don't recommend that for anyone just playing casually, but the extra paddles can be nice. As @Myr mentioned, there are rechargeable options for Xbox controllers (though I've had the same recharge pack since I bought it 5+ years ago without any failure, but that's splitting time with my PS4). Ultimately, it's a lot about how you like a controller to feel. The Dualshock is compact, but the analog stick placements have never felt as good to me as an Xbox design (and I've had PS consoles since my childhood & the PS1). I can use both controllers without issue, but definitely prefer the larger & different format that Microsoft uses. All this talk about 4K does not have me looking forward to the massive wave of upgrades I'll need to make on the next generation. I skipped upgrading to 4K, but if all of the new consoles are pushing 8K, it might be time to finally upgrade my system when the new generation emerges...
  7. Learn something new everyday. I'd never even heard of the genre. Gotta love the digital era that allows for all sorts of forms of entertainment for different tastes. And you'll always find someone who decides to act as if they didn't know what they were playing. Between general trolls and misguided individuals, you get to see some...interesting rants at times. Guess that's one of the drawbacks of the digital era haha.
  8. I wouldn't say that they have gone to the extremes to throw in little bits just to act like they're conscientious about things (at least in what I play, although I'm sure there are plenty of examples that probably would fit that). Most of the games I favor don't center around romance or these types of issues in general. They provide options, have stories, and allow the player to choose who they're interested in (to a certain extent, as it's unrealistic to think that EVERYONE should be interested in romancing the main character). In my experience it isn't the LGBTQ elements that are afterthoughts so much as the romance element to the game itself, which doesn't really bother me since that's not the primary reason I'm playing. We all have different reasons and expectations for escaping into video games. I guess I just don't see it as too much of a problem because I only think of that element as a small component of the game. If I'm trying to save the planet/universe/kingdom/whatever, I might play some of the romance angles (or learn more about the lore that's shoved into games) along the way, but it's rarely more than a branch from the main story. A step forward is better than a step backward at least haha.
  9. Yeah, in the end, I'm sure I'll end up with both consoles in the next gen. Unless they ever fully embrace crossplay (which isn't likely). Guess I should finally plan to upgrade the TV for the next round too. Sigh... I'm not quite as against Google. I'm less interested in games as a streaming service, but not simply based on Google's involvement. I've been a fan of a lot of their products (both as an ISP and some of the physical products they manage), but I know not everyone has the same feelings on them. I will be curious how it works out though. It theoretically would work well with their Fiber infrastructure, as it would likely need solid speed and no data caps. I'll probably watch it for a bit to see how it seems to be going before even considering the idea of buying in.
  10. I have to laugh at how badly they have handled the franchise. It keeps me from crying about it haha.
  11. The gameplay they showed at E3 looked pretty solid. They did answer the question about it being pure hero (yes), as the story is fairly rigid since it is apparently considered canon in the Star Wars universe. Still plenty of time for things to go bad, but I'm cautiously hopeful at this stage haha.
  12. As you seem to be a Microsoft fan, what are your thoughts on the early details of Project Scarlett? With a holiday 2020 release, we'll begin the new generation (though some could argue the Switch has already started that, but Nintendo tends to operate outside of the Sony/Microsoft battleground...to me at least). Microsoft is going back to its roots with a Launch Halo title, and the specs look fairly impressive (on the surface). Curious to see what Sony has in its next gen console, as well as the evolution of Google Stadia hitting the market this year. Here's hoping for a successful new wave of hardware!
  13. I think I have Gone Home downloaded on a console. Never actually played it though. For the most part, I think most relationship elements in games are mostly in the form of "side quests". Most of the time it feels like it's there to allow for a little depth, but isn't an essential focus (which is fine to me, as adding an inclusive element is better than not having it). That isn't really the main reason I'm playing anyway, but to have the option to choose from a variety of "interests" is a nice touch.
  14. This is pretty much what I've been hoping for. A single-player campaign set in one of my favorite universes of all time. Although I love the Old Republic era, I think this could be fun (though I'm curious if you can progress towards the Dark Side or if it's a pure hero game). Either way, I'm really hoping they do well here. I've liked what I've played from Respawn (a lot of the original Titanfall & a bit of Apex), and the founders were from one of my favorite eras of Infinity Ward, which was during the MW period. While EA does generally make me nervous, hopefully they don't botch this one too badly. A lot of recent titles have been disappointing (Fallout 76 & Anthem having mediocre launches). But hey, maybe a dedicated campaign can be sorted out better than a constantly online game. Here's hoping! Probably won't preorder it, but it's not like that puts a player at a disadvantage compared to those who had the game from Day 1.
  15. Acid07

    Chapter 40

    Been enjoying getting to read these updated versions as they get released. Hope to someday see a new story in this universe, but not upset to have an excuse for rereading this story for the umpteenth time!
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