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Hamilton Gode by Luca E

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This is my first online publishing attempt, apart from a short story competition. I like to think of this story as my first book, actually I have visions of it being a series. Chapter Two should get published later today (it's been in the moderation process, waiting whilst I get my head around how you publish stories here. It was @Cia the nice moderator who guided me through the process who suggested posting a discussion here was one of the things to do, to get noticed).

The crunch, getting noticed. This story definitely needs some readers, followers, and comments. From the page view numbers, only half of the people clicking on the story go on to read the first chapter. That's okay, I guess it is what you would expect, although I don't have a clue about any of this. Seems logical half the people aren't into fantasy with a little surreal, maybe a lot of surreal. Anyway they look at the genre and maybe the tags, and go!

The tags: I wasn't really sure about how to use them. I can easily talk about the story I'm writing, but not so easily label it. I don't, for example, want to label it no sex, although there is nothing graphic so maybe I should. This is where you come in (if you're still here), I need feedback. I desperately need you to give your advice. Your advice about the story, the writing, the style, and yes, even the tags!

If you find it a half interesting story, then perhaps you can help make it better with your comments. This is a cry for help. No, I shouldn't exaggerate, I would like some readers, lots of them, and to know what you think. I'm investing time in this. Of course I like writing. I like disappearing into this world I've created and interacting with the characters. If you can spare a little time too, that would be fantastic.

Here's the bumpf, the story summary and link, take a look... please -








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It is perhaps time to announce that my first story, Hamilton Gode, which has a couple of chapters to run is part of a series titled Quantum Shift. If you were expecting to know what's going on in the plot and have an outcome, I should apologise, because there is an outcome, but far from a resolution, and as to what's going on...

I am writing book two now, it's titled Touma Shimizu. In book one you discovered Hamilton Gode, Zachary and Lowerstoff, so who is Touma Shimizu? That will very quickly become apparent in chapter one of the book, I can't say more.

I do have a question for you. It's the summer holidays and shortly I shall be away on holiday. Book one will finish publishing before I go, but then I'm away for three weeks. The question: do you want chapter one of Book two posted before I go? Write me, comment, however you like, because there will be a pause however it goes.

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