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Red, White, and Royal Blue -Amazon Prime Movie

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20 hours ago, Mark Arbour said:

I got a little farther than you with Bros, but not much.  I was trying to evaluate why I liked RWRB so much better than Bros and it came down to the main characters.  I found that with RWRB I was genuinely cheering on Henry and Alex.  With Bros, I found the characters incredibly annoying. 

Yes, that was my opinion as well. The longer I watched, the less I liked the main characters in Bros. All the screeching one did, and the other was just boring. I guess they were supposed to compliment one another, but I just couldn't. Some of the committee on the project with them were way more amusing for the lesser amount of screen time. 

At least with these two, you wanted for them to be together and have a happily ever after - even if I did think both of their HEAs were too easily gotten and too unrealistic. 

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